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Imagine your office is hit with a flood, tornado, system failure, lethal virus, power surge, hard drive failure. How long could you realistically afford to be down? Weeks? Days? Minutes?

Choosing the right backup solution for your important data is like insurance for your business. We hope you never have to use it, but it brings peace of mind to know you’re protected. One option you may consider is a cloud service.

Keep reading to learn the best reasons to choose a cloud backup service over other options you may have.

Safe and Sound

One thing to consider in your search for a backup system is the importance of having off-site storage. If your only backup system is in the same location as your office, a power surge or natural disaster could cause failure in both your primary devices and your backup system in one go. The nature of the cloud provides you with an alternate source to protect your data.

Easy Access

With the cloud, you can access your information from multiple devices with any internet connection. This is a great benefit if your business demands mobility. Most services allow access for computer, tablet and mobile devices in case that one isn’t available.

Set it and Forget it

Once your cloud service has been set up, you can choose how often you would like a digital snapshot to be taken of your device.

Then your service will act independently, according to your preferences, only contacting you in the case of a failure to backup. This way, you will have the information you need in a safe location with no effort on your part. It awaits you in the case of an emergency.

Plug and Play

Cloud services are simple to set up and choose your preferences for your best experience. User-friendly software makes it easily accessible for those of us who don’t have a degree in IT. Simply install and answer a few questions.

Cost Effective

In the past, expensive backup systems were a leading factor to why smaller businesses just weren’t able to compete with bigger businesses with the resources available. However, cloud backups don’t require any costly hardware purchases, making small businesses more available to protect themselves and their clients.

Researching all your data backup options is the key to choosing a service that fits your business needs. We suggest reading more to get a better sense of all the backup options available to you.

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