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The Perfect Ticket

Submitting the perfect ticket is what helps us help you, quickly and efficiently. The perfect ticket includes a summary of the problem, any history of a similar issue, screenshots when applicable and submitting it to us.

Our Service Desk Engineers get calls every week that include this sentence: “there was just an error.” We are glad to hear this clue because it will help us figure out how to quickly get you up and running once again. An even better way to help us help you is attaching a screenshot. When we see a screenshot of the error message or pop up that you saw, it narrows the problem down for us very quickly. We are then able to pinpoint a solution in no time. Helping us help you is pretty easy.

There are multiple ways to take a screenshot, and we will over two of them:


If you hit the PRNT SCRN button you will be able to capture the screen as you see it and attach it to your ticket. If an error message or other screen pops up, we will be able to see it just as you do and make sense of it.

Snipping Tool

Under your tools, you will have the Snipping Tool. If you have trouble finding it, you can search for it, as shown below. This program allows you to drag your mouse to capture exactly what you want. You can save it to your desktop and attach it to the ticket.

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