Azure Virtual Desktop: Affordable cloud-based solution for the modern workplace

Securely Bringing Your Windows Desktops and Apps to the Cloud

Accessible from Anywhere

  • Accessible: Access your full Windows Desktop and Business Applications on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) from anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • Secure: No data lives on end user devices, so information remains solely in the Microsoft cloud and in your control.  As a fully Azure-managed service, Microsoft’s security and compliance  capabilities are built in.

Seamless to Migrate and Scale

  • Seamless Migration: GadellNet will migrate all existing Microsoft, Citrix or VMware VDI, Remote Desktop or Terminal Services solutions to Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Scale Up or Down: AVD minimizes costs by automatically scaling back-end resources throughout the day based on performance needs.
  • Streamline Management: New users can be onboarded with minimal effort resulting in a significant reduction in user on-boarding fees.

Reduce Costs While Improving Experience

  • Simple Licensing: Licensing is included with several Microsoft 365 subscriptions (which you may already own).
  • Pay-as-you-go: Reduce costs by auto-scaling your AVD footprint by the minute vs. purchasing/depreciating hardware. Only pay for what you use.
  • Modern Remote Experience: Enable seamless connection to your full Windows 10 desktop or key business applications from anywhere, including full video collaboration.

Average cost savings on IT deployment and maintenance for cloud-based VDI compared with on-premises solutions.


The Total Economic Impact of Securing Apps with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Desktop by Forrester, January 2021

“Azure Virtual Desktop is the right way to do Windows desktops in the age of hybrid work.”

Ben Davis, Strategic Consultant