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At GadellNet, we believe it is essential to take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments. Our end-of-the-year holiday party is a big part of our company culture.  Our Indiana, Colorado, and Wisconsin team members gather in St. Louis for an evening of celebrating another great year as one large group. Our party has evolved and filled increasingly larger venues with each passing year. However, one part of the celebration has never changed. Every year, we announce our annual, peer-voted award winners at our holiday party.

Why awards? The impact it has on our employees and our company culture is unmatched. These awards foster positive morale and support skill development and team building. These awards underline the fact that our whole team recognizes and supports the work we all do. It is rewarding to see the winners celebrated by all of their peers. 

GadellNet has been giving out employee awards since 2013. When GadellNet defined our Core Values, we wanted to create awards to recognize the team members who exemplify these values day in and day out. We knew no one would know who demonstrates this better than their peers. 

Each year, we send a survey out with our awards so team members can submit nominations. The leadership team counts the votes and reads about the amazing things our employees have done. At the holiday party, we announce the winners. 

Our Awards Align with our Culture

Power Your Mission 

This award goes to the team member who spent the year focused on client success. This person epitomizes creating an exceptional client experience or solution to help them achieve their mission. 


This is awarded to the person who exemplifies 100% responsibility, 0% excuses. This person can always be counted on to live up to their commitments and to prioritize projects based on urgency. They go out of their way to help others and show that they care about co-workers, the company, and clients. 

Make An Impact

This is the award for the person who made the biggest impact on GadellNet. This should be a team member who has been able to see the bigger picture and has worked to cure the disease, not just treat the symptoms. 

Level Up 

We award this to the team member who has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year – whether technical, customer service, office skills, or all of the above. This is also an award for someone who may have demonstrated these great skills in a more impactful way. 

Best Attitude

This isn’t just a person co-workers love interacting with daily, but also someone who shows tremendous support. This person goes out of their way to ensure peers have everything they need in order to complete their job. This is the first person coworkers turn to with any questions, and they always have a very positive and helpful demeanor. 

Sharpen the Saw

This team member has gone out of their way to learn more technologies or skills and then turns around and teaches those skills to others. They are considered a subject matter expert on specific topics. 

New Blue

This is for a new team member who has blown it out of the water. Ask yourself,  “What did we ever do before they came along?” and you’ll know who our New Blue award winner is. 

True Blue

This award is for the team member who exemplifies all of GNET’s values. This person is constantly “Sharpening the Saw” in order to “Make an Impact” with our customers and with our team. This person lives “100% responsibility, 0% excuses” by showing up every day with a good attitude and the desire to bring technology to life. They know what it means to transform people and processes. 

Additionally, our executive team gives one award each year. That is the Unsung Hero award, and it goes to the team member whose work may go unnoticed because they might not work with multiple departments within GadellNet, but they show up every day and get the job done. 

Our annual awards are an important part of our company culture at GadellNet. We are a company that recognizes hard work and the individuals who go above and beyond.  If you’re interested in learning more about working at GadellNet, check out our open positions

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