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Managed Service Providers offer many resources beyond technology help desk. One commonly overlooked benefit for all GadellNet clients is access to our procurement services team of experts.

What is procurement?

Procurement services are a white-glove service in which tech hardware is acquired and set up for users by their managed service provider. The GadellNet procurement team takes care of everything from placing orders to arranging the setup of the device for the client. They take time to research pricing and features to match the individualized needs of a client team member. The procurement team keeps records of which machines your organization currently uses to make reordering easy.

To accomplish this successfully, our procurement team stays up to date on the latest technology across a wide berth of areas – from evaluating hybrid cloud solutions, to selecting tools to meet digital workplace needs to staying educated on our partners’ sustainability initiatives. Our team helps our clients make optimal technology decisions.

Why use procurement services?

At GadellNet, our procurement team of specialists knows the right machine for the job, how to get the best price, and how far in advance to order so your team is not without the tools they need to be productive.

There are additional benefits to using managed procurement services instead of ordering the equipment yourself from an online dealer.  Here are five important advantages to keep in mind.

  1. Logistics: There are several components to procurement logistics including purchasing, tracking, and receiving hardware. When we handle logistics, it alleviates added stress for you. We know the preferred machine for each of our partners and the right machine to meet workload demands.  In short, we take care of the whole process of getting the right machine to your desk efficiently.
  2. Warranties: Warranties can be an overlooked detail when purchasing a machine. GadellNet’s team confirms appropriate warranties are purchased to cover the typical life of the device. Knowing the typical life of the device ensures our partners are not under (or over) covered. Our team has been putting this into practice successfully for years.  We are not guessing what warranty you need, we know.
  3. Licenses: Licenses can be a per-partner or even per-employee detail. Each machine needs to have the appropriate licenses before it is deployed to the user to reduce any issues from the start. This means the employee can open their laptop and get to work with minimal setup. GadellNet’s team also confirms the machine has the appropriate specs including the correct memory, storage, processing, graphics card, and other important details.
  4. Gap inventory: If a machine crashes, is lost, broken, or stolen, your team will need a replacement right away.  GadellNet can provide a core machine from our backup inventory for use in the interim. Access to loaner devices reduces your employee’s downtime while the GadellNet team works to repair or replace the machine.
  5. Timeline: Since 2020, lead times for receiving the right machines have become unpredictable and, on average, are longer than they were pre-pandemic. This can create issues for organizations with new employees or machines that are coming to the end of their life. GadellNet has fostered relationships with multiple vendors to secure the appropriate hardware in a timely manner.

Get started today

These benefits all help us reach one main objective – to keep our partners from experiencing costly downtime. Procurement services work hand in hand with the other pieces of managed technology to ensure clients’ technology and employees are taken care of holistically.

If you have questions about procurement, reach out to your Account Manager or Strategic Consultant.  If you’re interested in learning more about how GadellNet can help with your procurement needs, contact us today.

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