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By Lauren StacyeGadellNet Blogger & Marketing Guru

As more and more businesses are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon, the value of these services are also becoming more apparent to small business. For starters, cloud technology is the great equalizer in the business world; technology that was once too expensive for small businesses, but heavily used by large businesses, is now available via the cloud at attainable prices… and thus providing the same advantages to small businesses.

So as part of equalizing the business playing field, cost is obviously a direct benefit of cloud services- this is possible because cloud services are hosted on servers that enable mass-scale computing power, which in turn minimizes IT requirements and physical storage. Because of this, cloud service providers are able to deliver low rates for hosted applications on a monthly per-user basis.

Besides cost savings, some of the other benefits the cloud can bring small business are:

  1. Anywhere and anytime – Cloud base applications give users freedom and flexibility to access their files anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  2. Reduces risk – Cloud services providers back-up your data and store at a secure, off-site location. Before the cloud, data back-up could pose a lot of challenges to businesses lacking the time, money or storage capacity to properly execute.
  3. Efficiency – Concerns about power requirements, space considerations or even software updates no longer apply. Businesses can operate with peace of mind and focus on the business at hand, while cloud providers are facilitating and managing your services.

The advantages of cloud services are something we at GadellNet advocate and have helped a lot of our customers with in St. Louis and Indianapolis. If the cloud is something your business is interested in- whether it’s just to better understand, explore options, or use- our team is poised and ready to be of assistance.

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