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Company culture is comprised of core values, attitudes, beliefs, and actions that make up the heart of a company. The culture is more than just the company’s mission; culture is the way the employees go about their days, how they do their work, and the feeling you get when you walk through the door. Some company cultures can be competitive and cut throat and others can be nurturing and innovative. Having a positive company culture has a huge impact on the day to day of the employees and the success of the company.

1. Employees Fit

When you aren’t just hiring skills, but hiring the right employee for the position and your company culture, the employees just fit. Your employees are the biggest impact on your culture so it’s important to get them right.

2. It will feel good to come to work

A good culture or a bad one will determine what it is like every day in the office. That’s reason enough to have positive company culture. You culture matters because it is the environment that is created by the people there and the work that is done.

3. Your Brand Lives

When your company culture is right, your brand is more than just a logo and your mission statement is more than just words. If living a healthy and active lifestyle is a value in your company, your employees probably aren’t working through lunch or just picking up some fast food- they are going out and being active. Your company culture is a personification of your brand and what your company stands for. If you get your culture wrong, your brand won’t be as strong.

4. Ambitions are Nurtured

If your company still manages employees with fear, this will kill ambitions. Your employees will have less trust in your and will be less loyal. These employees will not be ambitious and creative. Their first priority will be themselves and not the success of the company. Ambitious employees will make their worth known and have goals that align with the success of themselves and the company.

5. Risks are Taken

Risk taking is a benchmark of a growing company. Learning and growth of employees is done through risks and fosters an innovative culture. Having innovative minds on your team is an incredible value. When employees know they can make mistakes and still be supported by management, they are much more likely to explore all of the possibilities.

6. Improved Employee Engagement

When your company culture is positive, your employees are likely to be more engaged. A company culture that supports engaged employees is one that focuses and individual’s strengths and what they can bring to the team.

7. Talent is Attracted to You

When a company has a great culture, the word gets out. This is what the best and brightest want from their work day. They want a great company culture and to work with other motivated and enthusiastic people. A great example of this is Google. They are known for having an incredible company culture and because of that they attract huge numbers of incredibly talented people. If your company culture is inviting and positive, you will soon have talented prospective employees contacting you.

8. Your Reputation with other Companies will be Strong

Companies with a good internal culture are easy and enjoyable to do business with. People will want to do business with you because you make it obvious what you believe in. Having a good reputation that stretches beyond just your own employees to other businesses will help your company grow and be successful.

9. Growth Opportunities

Companies with a positive company culture are more likely to experience growth due to the more innovative nature of employees and the company’s emphasis on having a team-like atmosphere. When opportunities for growth present themselves, these companies are able to make it happen.

10. It Helps the Bottom Line

Yes, that is how important company culture is. It’s more than just giving incentives and perks to employees. It’s palpable in the building and at functions. Higher retention and successful employees make the bottom line



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