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As the global impact of coronavirus continues to play out, here in the United States, community spread is becoming a larger concern. You may have seen news coverage of cities abroad where citizens are staying home and clean-up crews do their best to decontaminate public areas. This is an extreme example of precautions made to contain community spread.  

Up until recently in the United States, individuals who have traveled to affected areas or who have been in contact with those who have been impacted by coronavirus have been the only ones directly impacted. However, in the Pacific Northwest, some evidence of community spread has emerged. Community spread means someone who was no in direct contact with an individual who has been showing symptoms of the coronavirus has started to display symptoms.  

What does that mean for your organization here in the Midwest?  

If you have a solid resilience plan in place, you may be well prepared for a situation like this. Your resilience plan should include four main steps – crisis management, crisis communication, IT disaster recovery, and business recovery.  

This particular situation may also require some further planning.  

There could come a time soon when it’s necessary for your employees to stay home due to the threat of community spread of the coronavirus. If the infrastructure already exists within your organization for your employees to work remotely and your employees are used to working from home, it could be business as usual, for the most part. If your organization does not have the ability to support remote work, your organization could suffer greatly. There is no telling how long your employees would need to stay home. If your organization came to a standstill, how long could you stay in business

This could be a great time to put the right measure in place to protect your organization. From resilience planning to remote work, your account managed can ensure the right plan for your organization is in place.   

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