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During my time attending the ABA Techshow 2020 in Chicago this past week, one of the hottest topics amongst the tech crowd was what platforms to consider for their LPMS. This could also be seen on the exhibitor floor of more than 100 vendors where a quarter of these were LPMS vendors. At the center of most modern law practices is an LPMS tool and the growing trend is wanting more functionality from on interface. Time Tracking, Billing, CRM, Case Management, Reporting and of course mobility are all factors firms are looking for. Below are the Top five LPMS offering all-in-one solutions for small size law firms (Approx 1-30 users)

  1. MyCase

My Case is a cloud-based LPMS that can be accessed via any web browser or their mobile App.  Key unique features include the ability to send SMS text messages directly through the interface with the ability for storing and tracking time on these communications.  Among other features are Case Management, Lead Management, a Client Experience Portal, Billing,  Document Management, and live support/training at no additional cost.

2. Smokeball

Based out of Chicago, Illinois this LPMS is built by attorneys for attorneys.  One of the more unique key features of their interface is the direct integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook as well as Document Automation and Assembly.   This web-based application is also available via a mobile app and also includes a client user portal.  Smokeball also has functionality which includes automatic time and activity tracking, Billing, Case Management, CRM, E-mail Management, Reporting, Legal Calendaring, payment integration, and online and offline access.

3. Clio

This Canadian company based out of British Columbia is a major player within the LPMS space.  Clio is a good springboard for those smaller firms that are growing and see themselves being closer to 30 users or more.  Clio offers more customizable functionality and a separate CRM component (Clio Grow) for additional CRM capabilities over other all-in-one solutions. 

4. Centerbase

Centerbase was first developed in 2003 as a business management solution until 2014 when the company’s CEO began tailoring the functionality around being an LPMS solution. Centerbase is another cloud-based All in One LPMS solution that offers a full feature set including account and billing solutions, matter management, timekeeping, reporting, workflow, document management, and a mobile application.  A few new and unique features include the ability to bill clients via alternative fee billing such as subscription-based billing vs the traditional hourly method.  In addition, Matter Metrics can help firms determine profitability and customer satisfaction.

5. Practice Panther

Developed by the two spouses of attorneys, Practice Panther was created in 2012 with the goal that was easy enough to use that user training would not be necessary.  Features include a mobile app, client portal, document management, intake forms, invoice, time tracking, billing, and calendar and E-mail Integration.  Practice Panther also has credit card processing built-in as well as a wide rand of integration functionality other tools such as Quickbooks, Lawmatics, and Dropbox to name a few.

Determining what the best LPMS tool for your firm can be a difficult and time-consuming decision.  GadellNet’s Application Selection team can help make this process easier by driving conversations with the right members of the firm to lock in on the right solution!  Ask us today how we can help.

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