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What if your firm’s hourly billing came to a standstill?

Legal IT Solutions from GadellNet

You Legal IT Solution Needs

No matter the size of your law firm or what type of law you practice one thing remains constant; your time is very valuable to you and your clients. Our goal at GadellNet is to ensure that our clients in the legal industry do not suffer from technology complications that keep them from handling their cases and serving their clients. In today’s environment lawyers of all backgrounds need access to legal IT solutions they can rely on. GadellNet works closely with our clients in the legal field to ensure that they are able to handle their core functions, while we handle the IT components such as:

  • Virtualization
  • Paperless Documents/Document Management
  • Electronic Billing
  • E-Discovery
  • Telecommunications
  • Secure Data Storage and Disaster Recovery
  • Practice Management
  • Compliance 

What we know about Outsourced IT Solutions for Law Firms

Law Firm IT services are tailored to the many moving parts that need to be working together to provide excellent service in a law firm. GadellNet has helped with the overwhelming tasks of managing documents, calendars, time tracking and billing. Since 2003 we have been improving the access to our client’s cases, accurate billing and tracking, easy and secure communication to clients and sensitive data by providing superior law firm IT services.

From our beginnings in 2003 up to present day law firms have been turning to GadellNet to provide the legal IT solutions they need to keep their firm running smoothly. We offer communication systems that enable our clients to stay connected and reach out to their colleagues, staff, and clientele through hosted email and VoIP. GadellNet is recognized for boosting our client’s productivity through communications, messaging, and working remotely.

We understand that things happen and problems arise. When computers go down and data goes missing it can cause major problems for people in the legal industry. It can be a very frustrating experience, and in legal practice time is literally money. GadellNet will work with you to make sure your valuable data is protected so you won’t have to second guess anything. We can immediately set up remote back-up and begin to formulate a disaster recovery plan. Our solutions ensure that your law firm can recover from any unforeseen technical disaster.

Allow us to handle your technology so you can focus on handling your cases.

Where Law Firms can Invest Your Tech Dollars


Whether collaborating with clients or coworkers, a great collaboration platform can make a world of difference for your practice. With clients, a good collaboration platform allows lawyers to create a dialog that transforms them from legal paper-pushers to trusted and respected advisors. This also allows a lawyer to address a client’s needs quickly and accurately.

The ability to share your own knowledge and experience with coworkers and others in the field is important too. A good collaboration platform allows you to be accessible and reach out. Office 365 has many tools that allow for increased and secure collaboration.

Through collaboration, you can have a more efficient, effective, and relatable practice.


Security is unimaginably important for a law firm. With personal details, billing information, private correspondence and the like saved to your firm’s on-site or cloud storage solution, you have a lot at stake. You are responsible for the security of all of that data. That makes you a target for hackers and cyber thugs. Unfortunately, the security risk for law firms is so high, the FBI has issued special warnings for law firms four times in the last six years.

For small firms, there are a few things you can do. Deploy a proactive monitoring software so you can be alerted when threats are present. You should also create a Security Policy which you should share with your team. This can include an IT Resilience Plan. Putting your employees through security training is another important piece of the puzzle.

Whether your firm is just starting out or you’ve been in business for 100 years, these two tech platforms are good places to start if you need a few updates. Collaboration and security will each do their part to support efficiency and growth at your firm.

Software for Law Firms

Our staff is experienced in the software that drives the legal industry:

  • Amicus Attorney
  • Time Matters
  • PracticeMaster
  • PCLaw
  • Credenza
  • Tabs3
  • Worldox
  • pdfDocs
  • Net Documents
  • Quickscribe
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • And More!

GadellNet’s experience with these valuable tools positions us to properly serve the technology needs and provide the proper level of support to the legal industry.