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JAN 13, 2020 – GadellNet Consulting Services, a top managed services provider in the Midwest, has announced the hiring of its one hundredth employee. This milestone is an achievement for GadellNet, who employed 4 people at the start of the decade. 

“We found that if we focused all of our efforts on our people, building the right processes and investing in the company, we could create a solid foundation to serve our clients and our community,” said Nick Smarrelli, CEO. During Smarrelli’s tenure, GadellNet has seen a 30% average year-over-year growth. 

Within the last 12 months specifically, GadellNet has grown its staff by forty-five percent. New jobs created include those focused on Microsoft product adoption, cyber security, IT strategy, as well as infrastructure and application engineers.  

“By investing more in our team and less in sales, we’ve maintained solid growth during the past 9 years. It’s why, while we are one of the biggest small business IT providers in our regions, we are still the most unknown.  Putting dollars towards our employees instead of branding – we have found success in both retention and client satisfaction,” said Smarrelli. Part of what powers this growth is a learning-based culture, he said. Each GadellNet employee has a $2,000 annual stipend to invest in themselves through training, certifications and in continuing education. 

As a part of this same growth and talent acquisition strategy, GadellNet also acquired Brightsource IT, a managed services provider in St. Louis. 

 “Our recent purchase of Brightsource IT was a partnership between two organizations who value the client and employee experience,” said Smarrelli.  

Oliver Block, co-founder of Brightsource IT and 4 members of his team joined the GadellNet staff in October 2019. “This is the perfect home for Brightsource IT’s clients and our team,” said Block. “GadellNet’s commitment to solid technology practices and 100% responsibility is already making an impact on our clients’ success.”  

In 2020, GadellNet plans to add at least 20 more engineering jobs. These roles will be focused on creating a modern workplace for small to medium sized businesses and schools – driving strategy and vision around employee collaboration, productivity and efficiency. Cultivating their own attractive and modern work environment has led GadellNet to achieve 96% employee retention in 2019, higher than the industry average which stays constant around 60%. 

GadellNet offers their employees advantages like a comprehensive training program, support, health coaching, paid time off for volunteer work, an on-site personal trainer, flexible hours and 


mentorship programs. GadellNet aims to support the whole person to bring humanity into IT consulting.  

To learn more about GadellNet, click here.  

About GadellNet:  

We are GadellNet. We are a team of exceptional IT specialists.  

We power the people who are building the future and changing lives every day. And we know their missions are critical to their industries and communities. As small businesses build and grow, they rely on technology as a critical component of their success. 

Every day our team ensures our clients’ technology runs more efficiently, more powerfully, more seamlessly so they can achieve their higher mission. 


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