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2019 was a landmark year for GadellNet. We accomplished more than we have ever accomplished in a 12-month time span. We have our incredible team to thank right along with our clients, who make it all possible. Our values are make an impact, grow or die, and 100% responsibility, 0% excuses. As you’ll see throughout this article, GadellNet pushed hard to ensure these values were lived.

Take a look at our big accomplishments!

  1. GadellNet hired 31 people, promoted 16
    GadellNet’s team grew at an unprecedented rate this year. We added to our admin team, our operations team, our consulting team, and beyond. These strategically placed individuals strengthen our team and fill the gaps we had in our competencies. For example, instead of someone who was responsible for all strategic services products, we now have someone dedicated to consulting for Microsoft. Promoting from within has been GadellNet’s way all along. This year, we were able to do that for more individuals than ever before. These are demonstrated performers that deserve to take on new challenges.
  2. GadellNet powered real missions
    At GadellNet, we strive to power your mission. This is important when it comes to our clients, for sure, but it is equally important for our employees. One of the big ways that GadellNet powers missions internally is through vacations. They seem to be on everyone’s bucket list. GadellNet offers employees a service that can help plan vacations and find cheap flights. Our team submitted dozens of photos with the GadellNet flag on the beaches of Mexico, at Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland, in front of the Louvre, in the mountains of Wyoming, under a bridge in Bosnia, and beyond. Enabling our employees to live out their dreams and have happy, full lives outside of the office is one of our greatest accomplishments.
  3. GadellNet closed our millionth ticket
    Our 16th year brought our one-millionth service ticket. We are proud to have solved 1 million problems for our clients. This marked an accomplishment that we never really dreamed of in the beginning days of GadellNet. It really shows how far we’ve come in 16 years.
  4. GadellNet connected
    Keeping our team as tightly knit as possible has always been important to GadellNet. We hosted company happy hours, went to a AAA baseball game, had cookouts, hosted Halloween parties, had food and coffee catered in, and we did a 5k! Keeping our employees happy at the office and connected to one another helps to ensure our team brings their best every day to solve your problems.
  5. 44% of GadellNet employees used volunteer PTO
    Last year, GadellNet rolled out a new plan to help our employees get out into the community. We offer all of our employees an extra day of paid time off to use for volunteer time. We had employees use this time to get involved in their kids’ schools, collect donated sheets, and deliver to Sheets from Home, walk dogs at the local humane society, and much more. Giving back to our communities is an important part of making our mark on the world and leaving a legacy of good. We hope making it easy to donate time will encourage our employees to continue to be leaders in their communities.
  6. GadellNet’s Indy team moved to a bigger office
    Our team in the greater Indianapolis area, Carmel, to be exact, moved to a larger office this year. They moved from a 1,200 square foot office to an office with more than 4,000 square feet. This has allowed the Indianapolis team to grow and has allowed us to ensure they are able to have all the same parties and happy hours that the St. Louis team has in their office.
  7. GadellNet maintained a 97.9% customer satisfaction rate
    Keeping our clients happy is essential to GadellNet’s wellbeing. Without happy clients, things can take a bad turn. Luckily, we’ve never really had that problem. All of our client-facing employees are smart and empowered people who can solve nearly any challenge thrown their way. When working with tech, that’s essential. We’ve also been very lucky to have clients that trust GadellNet’s guidance.
  8. GadellNet won awards, lots of awards
    Not to brag, but we won a ton of awards this year. We were named to Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing list for the 7th year in a row, we were named a STL Healthiest Workplace, we won Best in Customer Service, Best in Managed Services, and so much more.
  9. GadellNet grew by a lot
    Those 31 people we hired this year helped us keep up with our growing demand. GadellNet grew 30% year over year in 2019. We added 1,950 endpoints across 62 new clients. Part of GadellNet’s growth this year was acquiring a managed service provider in the St. Louis area called BrightSource. This team was an incredible addition to our existing team, bringing a ton of knowledge and insight
  10. GadellNet employees earned 41 certifications
    GadellNet has had a Training and Development Leader on staff for more than a year now. 2019 was a great year for training at GadellNet under the guidance of our Training and Development Leader. Sharpening the saw is essential to the employees at GadellNet by design, and it’s important to us to invest in the people we have so they can thrive and grow and become a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday.

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