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MARCH 20, 2017, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, GadellNet Technology Solutions is proud to announce a new role within our company to better serve our k-12 education clients. The newly created Education Technology Specialist will focus on process, documentation, transition, and training. These 4 imperatives will be improved through diagramming school processes and GadellNet’s role in those processes, structuring documentation to be consistent across all our schools, managing the transition process of any of our engineers as they adapt from corporate to school patterns, and create training materials and experiences so that our engineers, teachers, and students have helpful information on demand. Our Education Technology Specialist will assist our internal team in better understanding schools and how to serve them as well as helping our schools with their technology needs.

This role has been filled internally by Victoria Wayne. Victoria has been working with our schools in the St. Louis area since she was hired in June of last year. We quickly realized Victoria was going further than the responsibilities she had been assigned as a Client Site Engineer. This role was created in part by her determination to see our schools function at their highest potential.

Her previous 15 years of experiences with technology in schools and libraries made her a perfect fit for GadellNet’s growing education vertical. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education Technology and has experience doing everything from creating training tools and doing graphic design work in an education setting to writing curricula for technology in libraries and providing system support for administrators and staff in an education setting.

Victoria has been a brand champion for GadellNet from day one and we are excited to see the growth that will be attributed to her new position.

GadellNet is dedicated to the continued success and growth of our clients. Our team stands strongly behind that dedication and has evolved to better meet the needs of our clients as they evolve themselves. At GadellNet, we know the future lies with our children. Being part of their learning through technology is a great honor and we are proud to offer such a strong and dynamic education technology team.

Victoria Wayne

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