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Empowering educators through technology.


Our Education Technology Consulting Philosophy

At GadellNet, we believe that technology amplifies the human will. In light of that, we are dedicated to the work of education, where children grow to understand how the world works and how it ought to work. IT support for schools is different than most other organizations, and we understand what you need. We deliver solutions that help educators best prepare the leaders of our future. Our Education Business Technology Architect understands the needs of the end user and uses this knowledge to implement various technology-based tools our clients need to succeed. Our education IT support is tailored to be exactly what you need.

Strategic services from GadellNet focus on removing obstacles and accelerating learning. Our consultant team brings years of experience in both technical architecture as well as curriculum development. Whether a project calls for identifying IP address ranges or appropriately crafting a learning activity within the Understanding by Design framework, we speak both languages with ease and are most passionate where those topics intersect.

Instructional Technology:

  • Selection of Software and Devices
  • Curriculum Integration of Technology
  • Accountability Measures
  • Professional Development

Operational Technology:

  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Procurement
  • Fiscal Planning
  • Long-Term Technology Plans
  • ERATE eligible infrastructure upgrades

Meet our Education Consulting Team

At GadellNet, we have a team of dedicated tech experts who are focused on how education can be aided by the proper implementation of technology. Our education team understands the unique obstacles schools face and how to connect their classrooms with the right tech for the job. Our Education Technology Architect, Drew, has in-the-classroom experience and a real passion for empowering educators through technology. Our Education Technology Specialist, Victoria, spends time in schools each week and has a pulse on what the current state is. Our Education Account Manager, Emily, provides our schools with the support and quarterly assessments they need to continuously improve.


What tech advantages we provide to k-12 school

Our Education Industry insights create user-friendly products and solutions. Our Education BTA knows each educational setting will have specific and unique needs and works to piece together the perfect product bundle for any K-12 environment. We supply the technology strategic planning and framework needed to help educators move forward.

On the instructional side, our philosophy is informed by frameworks like SAMR, TPACK, Understanding by Design, and Universal Design for Learning.  On the operational side, we follow best practices from the ITIL framework and CoSN’s CETL program.

Our goal is to provide the best strategic advice to schools, supporting those strategies with first-class service, in order to allow educators to focus on what’s most important: the growth and development of the children in their care.  We empower school leaders, both teachers and administrators, with a growing competence and confidence in the use of technology by teaching technology with every strategy and repair we make.  Our schools learn technology as they work with us, improving communication, service levels, and vision for what is possible.

We cannot t understate the importance of developing a positive relationship with administrators. Our Education Technology Architect likes to grab about 45 minutes of each of my head principals’ time each trimester for a “State of Tech Integration” meeting, where he highlights projects, reports out how I was using my time, and updats them on district news they might not have heard about. A sample report is available here. When reporting on my work with teachers, I used Understanding by Design terms that we were applying to all curriculum efforts at that time – acquire, make meaning, transfer – and paired them with an edtech framework in favor at that time, the “Technology and Learning Spectrum”.

EdTech should do all of the following:

  • track daily connections to teachers, and the level at which those teachers were supported
  •  publicly promote the work of teachers every week through visible means (blog, tweet, instagram, etc)
  •  archive, index, and report on resources they create each month
  •  regularly report to administration on their use of time and their impact on the community


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Education IT Consulting from GadellNet

The eBook below isn’t something you read. It’s something you talk through with school and district leaders as you work through your 3-year plan. The guide is arranged in a way to spark discussion, debate, and further research.


  • “This was my first experience. The technician took care of my problem immediately and proficiently and in no time I was back to work. Thanks!” Administrator, Catholic School in St. Louis with 150 student enrollment 
  • “The engineer sent a very quick response with detailed instructions so that we could resolve the issue on our own. By doing this, we could utilize the badge-printer functioning of Raptor almost immediately.”