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GadellNet is home to many inspirational women who are making an impact in the field of technology. We could talk for hours about their accomplishments. Their expertise ranges from consulting to project management to client experience and beyond. This article highlights a few more amazing women in the field and our organization.

Jamie Wottowa (Director of Consulting Services) had a dream of being a doctor when she was little. As an adult, she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in public health. She even worked for a bit in the field as a research manager for a university public health project.

However, she found she was drawn to technology, and her career goals shifted. Jamie started in tech as a data loader, then moved into software and application support. She later held several roles in consulting and application services, which allowed her to learn more about different sides of the field.

Now, Jamie oversees the consulting services and client integration teams, and every day brings a new set of challenges. Jamie loves her daily interactions with our clients and coworkers, and she appreciates the fact that no day is like the other.

Jamie’s advice to other women joining the field is, “Just do it. Have confidence in yourself and do it.” Similarly, she encourages women entering the field to truly listen and learn from others. Jamie always pays attention to tech blogs and podcasts, and she stays on top of what is happening in the market.

Once you are in the field, Jamie says, “stay positive. Come at things with a smile and do the best that you can.”

Tabitha Stickradt (Vice President of Managed Services) fell into the world of IT. While working in banking, and through mutual connections, Tabitha was offered an opportunity to jump into the field of technology within the Department of Homeland Security. Before that, Tabitha had always been the go-to among friends and family for IT troubleshooting, and it was a chance to turn this practice into a career. She had always played video games and knew IT was always going to be a part of her life. With a new opportunity at her feet, she dove in headfirst.

Tabitha had to focus on intense training to earn security clearance, and there was a lot to learn. Now, Tabitha has been in technology for almost 18 years and learned everything hands-on through different roles. Tabitha has been a Service Desk Engineer and a Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer, in addition to holding several leadership positions. Her favorite thing about her current role is the opportunity to give others the tools they need to be successful.

Tabitha’s advice for women entering the field is to find a mentor. She says, “Everybody needs a mentor, and mentorship goes both ways. You don’t know everything, and neither does the mentor, so approach everything with an open mind. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room either. Customer service is a huge part of troubleshooting.”

“Don’t give up. To be a woman in the field, you cannot give up and you must stand up for yourself. You absolutely must have the confidence that you are going to survive and thrive.”

Kristin Fuller, System Engineer

Kristin Fuller (System Engineer) originally pursued a degree in Nursing and held several roles in retail, banking, and accounting before fully diving into technology. Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in computer science with minors in business and communications. She has a passion for engineering, and many of her technical skills are the direct result of taking on new challenges and seeing them through.

In Kristin’s eyes, every opportunity is a stepping stone into the field. Kristin encourages other women to help others with tech whenever necessary, whether that be offering to attempt to fix a printer at your retail job or learning to use a new software application that would benefit your coworkers.

That same call to action is what Kristin loves about her current work in the field. Kristin enjoys supporting client end users and teammates, and she encourages others to learn from mistakes and failures. To other women entering the field of technology, Kristin says, “Don’t give up. To be a woman in the field, you cannot give up and you must stand up for yourself. You absolutely must have the confidence that you are going to survive and thrive.”

To see the other roles held by women at our organization, check out our website:

GadellNet is extremely proud to have an Executive Leadership Team consisting of 50% women as well as women in many leadership, consulting, and engineering roles. Across the organization, though – from finance to procurement to HR – these GadellNet leaders are paving the way for other women in technology.

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