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An Indianapolis-based manufacturer needed to reduce IT downtime and increase productivity and employee satisfaction. 

As their organization grew, their IT demands were beyond the capacity of their existing IT support. Their IT needs were far-ranging, but their end goal remained to decrease downtime due to IT and to improve their employee productivity and job satisfaction. 

A summary of their issues included: 

  • Unreliable and overly complex Wi-Fi
  • Broken phone system functionality 
  • No timely support on high-priority IT issues 
  • Poor network performance due to misconfigurations 
  • Cybersecurity gaps


GadellNet’s consulting team worked closely with the client to roll out an approach that would remedy all issues with minimal downtime while ensuring long-term success. This plan included a custom onboarding plan for cutover to GadellNet support, rearchitecting of their underlying network, and connecting their five locations. 

GadellNet provided the following: 

  • Got their phone systems back online within 24 hours
  • Installed new firewalls across all five facilities
  • Updated their internal network 
  • Increased Wi-Fi connectivity across all five facilities
  • Rolled out a new password policy and a more secure sign-in process


GadellNet was able to update  IT support, network, cybersecurity protection, phone systems, and other key IT drivers to a modern and functional state. The client now has a streamlined and up-to-date intranet.

GadellNet resolved nearly all urgent issues within 24 hours. After the second week, all networks had been updated.  

Since then, GadellNet has provided IT services in a way that supports company needs as they arise, as well as supporting opportunities needed for growth. 

Key wins include: 

  • Performed critical updates to their network
  • Installed firewalls resulting in better protection for sensitive data 
  • Provided consistent support
  • Provided detailed documentation of all IT processes
  • Created increased focus on employee satisfaction


“I can see why Corporate decided to go with GadellNet for the IT support. It leaves our people free to do what they need to do in other capacities. In the dealings I have had with GadellNet, [they] have made a good choice.” 

Mary, Design and Development Lead

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