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Lessonly is learning management system that is designed for employers to easily create their own training programs and deliver them to employees seamlessly. Building training plans tailored to the needs of your team in easy with Lessonly. You’re able to deliver perfectly packaged plans to your employees through an easy-to-use interface. Lessonly describes their training as bite-sized learning with big impact. Through Lessonly, leaders are able to assign different pieces of training to individuals, teams, or your entire company. These pieces of training are available to your employees from any device at any time and allow you to:

  • Assess (Gather Needs & Inputs) Listen to people, data, and the market; identify successes and challenges; and accurately assess your sales team’s training needs. 
  • Plan (Prioritize for Impact) Identify the most essential objectives and outcomes, and intentionally set milestones for creation and delivery.
  • Build (Create Quickly & Collaboratively) Work with teammates at the front lines of the business to develop and iterate on bite-sized training/content. 
  • Learn (Meet Learners Where They Are) Push training content to teammates– anywhere, anytime– so they can quickly solve problems in their moment of need. 
  • Practice (Rehearse, Refine, Repeat) Reinforce skills and information with realistic practice scenarios and receive feedback to fuel improvement. 
  • Perform (Doing Better Work) Empower the organization to continuously improve, deliver and quantify results. 

Why we love it:Lessonly makes it all so simple. Their platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. You can create training with ease, assign it, and check the progress from one place. Lessonly allows for practice with real scenarios to make sure the trainings will be impactful for your team. Lessonly integrates feedback mechanisms so you can ensure your team will start delivering better results. Lessonly is training software that thinks of its customers as family. They’ve spent an inordinate amount of time developing an ecosystem of partners, strategy and services that are aligned under the mantra of Do Better Work. 

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