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What it is:Microsoft Flow is an Office 365 platform that helps you work smarterby automating workflow across your apps and services. Flow allows you to create your own workflows and apps so you get exactly what you need. You can automate advanced scenarios with multiple steps, branching conditions, and more.

With Microsoft Flow, you set triggers that create actions under certain conditions. Let’s say you want an email to automatically go out to any person who fills out a form on your website. The condition of filling out that form will trigger the email (or event) to go out. You could also set a trigger to create a Planner task for a teammate when a certain document has been edited.  As mentioned before, these workflows can be much more advanced with multiple steps, as you need.

The best part about Flow is that these workflows can be created without coding.  You don’t need to get a dev team involved every time you need to create or change a workflow. 

Why we love it:Flow creates efficiency for you and your team. These workflows are customizable.  You can empower lines of business, enable developers, connect your data across apps and platforms and automate effortlessly. 

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