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The GadellNet HQ has gone solar! At our office in St. Louis, we turned up our solar panels this past May 15th, 2019 with solar panels installed on our roof.  We installed a 42kWh system that has generated more than 25 MWh of electricity since turn-up.  On sunny summer days, we can generate over 250 kWh; more than enough to power GadellNet for the day. On days where our solar production exceeds our usage, our local power utility allows us to accumulate our excess electricity and consume it when needed through their Net Metering program.   

In the years ahead, especially as costs continue to decrease on solar panels and energy storage solutions, we will add additional capacity to the system through more solar panels.  We also intend to add battery storage to allow for additional flexibility and some survivability during power outages.  

This process took our team several months of research and planning.  We are happy to share what we learned in the process to and of our clients and friends if you or your organization are curious of lessons learned and the impact solar has made on GadellNet. 

As you know, one of our company values is to Make an Impact. That is part of the reason we wanted to go solar. Solar energy allows GadellNet the opportunity to have a smaller carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious and sustainable as an organization. 

It will also help us save on energy costs in the years ahead, helping keep our operational costs under control and predictable.

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