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October is Cyber Security Awareness month. We’d like to highlight some platforms for better cyber security. Cyber Security Awareness Training is the first step in many cyber security programs. Human error accounts for a great deal of cyber crimes and training can make a huge difference. KnowBe4 is a cyber security training platform that integrates simulated phishing attacks into their program. After employees go through the interactive training, these phishing emails could come to their inbox at any time. If they take the right steps, they are sent a quick congrats message, if they do not, they may have more cyber security training in their future. These emails show your employees just how real phishing attacks can look, gets them used to being on high alert, and makes them feel comfortable with taking the right steps to prevent a cyber attack. 

Why we love it: You can easily track employees progress. You’ll see a drastic decrease in the number of test phishing emails that are successful in the first year because anyone who fails a certain number of phish tests will have to go through more training. 

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