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GadellNet is here to serve as your outsourced IT department by providing managed IT services. Outsourced IT services are great if you are in over your head with tech or just need a few more hands on deck, we are here to work behind the scenes offering seamless tech solutions, while you get the credit. We will ensure your IT keeps your business running smoothly through proactive planning and monitoring.

Which IT Pain do you suffer from?

After providing managed IT services for more than 14 years, we have noticed that tech pains usually boils down to 4 different problems for a small business. Click on your IT pain and learn how GadellNet can help.

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If you already have an IT staff but they are struggling to complete projects and preventative maintenance because they are bogged down by break fix support, it might be time to call in some reinforcements. Your IT staff, especially if they are helping out with IT while taking on other responsibilities in your company, can easily get overwhelmed. They are trying to keep up with software licensing, preventative maintenance, security measures, data storage, network administration, and your staff’s need for help with broken hardware or forgotten passwords. GadellNet can lend a hand.


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Identifying the need to outsource some or all of your IT is a big step for small businesses. It’s a time full of budget discussions, learning about a new industry, and reluctant hope for a

better IT experience for your company. After going through the process of finding a Managed Services Company, did you realize you are now stuck with a Crappy IT Vendor? Unfortunately, it happens. There are vendors out there who are callous and offer subpar services. Don’t worry, we aren’t all like that.

we don't have any IT help











If you started as a small operation, maybe a handful of people, you probably just took care of all of your IT needs yourself. With only a few devices to connect and manage, it wasn’t too cumbersome. Once your business has started to take off, you might notice that keeping all of your IT managed can start to become a challenge. Between security measures to fixing a broken computer to making sure all software licensing is up to date and everything in between, it can become too much for you to keep track of. If you are considering offloading some or all of your IT functions, we recommend you do your research and partner with a Managed Service Provider who can become a strategic partner for you as you continue to grow. How do you find that partner?

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Sometimes, people leave your company. It may be for a different opportunity or for personal reasons, but the bottom line is – it happens. When you lose your IT guy, it can be overwhelming. Especially if he or she was the only one on your team with those kinds of skills. Trying to take over for your lost IT guy can feel like trying to learn a new language while on a flight to a different country. It’s all in Mandarin and you’re out of time to learn it.


Every small business is different so we help you come up with a unique bundle of services to meet your business objectives. Ranging from basic to extensive, we can help you get your company on track using technology. Get the outsourced IT services you need and nothing more.

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Client Feedback: 

“Locally outsourcing our tech has given us more manpower for a tech staff than we could have afforded otherwise. We are so happy we found a way to receive top-notch tech on our budget.” Indianapolis Accounting Firm, 50 employees.