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You wouldn’t be here if your current provider had a 98.4% happiness score.  It takes just 10 minutes to learn how GadellNet can make your team excited about I.T. again.  Learn more about GadellNet:





*If you are an existing GadellNet partner, please submit your help requests to, use our chat tool, or call 855.608.0358.

24/7 IT Support Help Desk Services

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, so why doesn’t yours just work? Here’s some interesting statistics from 2017:

  • Average hold time from initiation of call to speaking to an engineer assigned to your ticket is 29 seconds 
  • 82% First Time Resolution
  • 8,000+ Surveys Completed in the past 12 months – 97.2% Happiness Rate
  • 100% of our clients have a 12 month technology budget prepared by our account management team
  • We’ll make you look good! 99.8% Client Retention Rate over the last 5 years!

Not all IT support is created equal. In fact, nothing can be more frustrating than spending hours in limbo when your system is down, waiting for someone to call you back. That’s why we created GuruCare, our 24/7 live help desk with our Rapid Response (zero wait!) Engineering Team.



You Speak Live to Certified IT Support Engineers 24/7

To help you resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently, GadellNet offers unlimited 24×7 Live Help Desk support as a core component of our managed service plans. This always-available resource is staffed with certified network consultants who are ready at a moment’s notice to assist anyone in your organization.


You Get Rapid Resolution on Important Issues

Our Rapid Resolution Team takes care of urgent matters immediately and is available through chat or phone. All of our clients can take advantage of the Rapid Resolution Team when they have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. This team of engineers make themselves available for your convenience. Here are some perks:

  • First touch resolution – Our first line of defense will be able to handle most of your requests on the phone as soon as you call in.
  • Phone and chat support – You’re busy and need to multitask; our chat feature will allow you to do just that.
  • Scheduled support – If your request cannot be handled on the first touch our team will schedule a follow-up time right then and there.
  • Updated SLA’s – We recognize the way our clients use technology today is different from 5 years ago and email cannot be down for even a second.  Our updated SLA’s reflect that.

You Get Remote and On-Site Support

Thanks to our live online support technology, our certified help desk consultants are able to quickly troubleshoot the problem by seeing exactly what is happening on your computer screen. No more wasting time trying to explain what’s wrong since our experts can experience it right alongside you.
Additionally, we know that not every one of your users is computer savvy. Therefore our experts can even take control of the computer when simply providing instructions is just not enough.

You Get Task Automation

The GuruCare Managed Services system allows for the automation of basic and repetitive IT tasks like issuing a patch, setting up a new employee, or running regular security scans. This ultimately leads to healthier systems, a decrease in downtime, more productive users, and less risk to the organization.

You Get The Most Experienced Consultants

Did we mention that our initial line of support has, on average, 4.5 years of experience! That is nearly four times more experience than the industry standard for a front-line IT help desk! Additionally, our field and senior technicians have an average of 13.5 years of IT experience! That is over two times the industry standard.

We Practice Issue Prevention

GuruCare is built upon the philosophy that preventing problems is cheaper and less time-consuming than rebuilding systems after they implode. In fact, GuruCare optimizes your system’s performance and availability by monitoring for “normal operation”. Having learned your organization’s typical behavior patterns, our system automatically notifies our consultants if there is any deviation from the norm.

Our People Make Us Different – Hear from Our Team and Clients!