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Scott Seaborn Scott Seaborn Chief Operating Officer (he/him/his) Linkedin Link

Scott joined GadellNet in 2014 with a background in IT Operations and support. He has held roles in support, operations leadership, and was instrumental in crafting GadellNet’s cybersecurity platform. As Chief Operating Officer, Scott focuses on providing top-tier technical consulting and cybersecurity protection to both clients and the GadellNet team.

Why did I join GadellNet?
I joined GadellNet because I wanted to be on the ground floor of something special. From the moment I had my first interview I knew GadellNet was just that. Since that day, we’ve grown from 15 employees to 175 and counting. We power the missions of hundreds of small and medium businesses – and that, in my eyes, is special.

What sets GadellNet apart from our competition?
Our people, our culture, and our technology. Employees of GadellNet were chosen not at random, but through a carefully crafted interview process designed to identify individuals of the highest caliber. Our employees are masters of their domain and are overall wonderful human beings.

What advice would you give to future GadellNet employees/applicants?
Be personable, be smart, and be prepared to make an impact.

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