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Your technology is critical to your business’s success. From your connectivity to your communication to your hardware and software, all of these parts need to be working in order for your team to be successful. This is a truth that even the smallest organizations have realized over the last decade. Without technology in good working order, you couldn’t function, and certainly not efficiently.   

Throughout your organization, you have likely safeguarded against a single point of failure for your other processes or systems. You’ve worked to ensure that a single flaw would not be able to take an entire system down.  

Why should your technology be any different?  

Many small organizations rely on one technology expert in their organization. This person is responsible for the break-fix, the technology strategy and planning, ensuring licensing is up-to-date, cybersecurity measures, and more.  

Have you ever thought of this person as your single point of failure for your technology? If this person were to leave your organization, take ill, retire, or otherwise be indisposed, what would they take with them? Could your organization continue on successfully without them?  

For most small businesses with a technology department of one, the answer to those questions are simple – they would take all of the working knowledge of your technology with them and you would not be able to continue on successfully without them for any real length of time.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many small businesses online that were not previously online. It also pushed a lot of small businesses to remote work who did not previously have this capability. This may have been a tough time for your business and brought to light that your technology strategy was not fool-proof.  

Migrating to or adding a managed service provider alleviates that single point of failure. When you have an entire team behind you, ensuring your technology is working well, planned for, and secure, you can rest easy. Nothing will slip through the cracks and you’re not risking your business if the one and only person who knows your technology environment leaves your organization.  

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the GadellNet team was able to transition many clients to a remote work model who had not previously embraced one. Our clients gave us a 9/10 rating for helping them prepare to stay home and work remotely.

GadellNet has dedicated teams for break-fix support, onsite support, advisory services, application support, network support, project support, cybersecurity support, and more. Our team of more than 100 tech professionals are able to back you 24 hours a day.  

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