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Self-Awareness is a wonderful skill to develop. Being aware of your internal values, passions, and aspirations can work wonders in propelling you purposefully into your future.

Being self-aware in your printing environment isn’t as transcendent, but it’s still important. A lot of small businesses aren’t aware of their printing environment’s ins and outs. For small businesses, it seems perfectly fine to go to your local office supply store, grab a printer, and get it rolling. I mean, how much printing could you small office really do? What many small businesses don’t understand is that setting up a solid printing environment is an opportunity for savings.

Can you answer these printing self-awareness questions?

  • How many pages do you print per month?
  • How much does it cost you to print per page?
  • Which printer is best for the number of employees you have?
  • Who are your top printer users?
  • Who can come to fix your printer or copier if something goes wrong?
  • When should you order toner and ink?

The answers to these questions help create the right environment for small businesses that include equipment selection, asset management, tech support, and ultimately cost savings.

Running an audit on your printing environment will give you a deeper understanding of where your money is going now and how you can create a plan for cost savings. Managed Print Services, like Guru Print can run audits of your environment and suggest improvements.

To learn more about Managed Print Services and print audits, click here.

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