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Today, personalization is the name of the game for marketers. From a Coca-Cola bottle with your name on it to a Facebook ad directly related to your last Google search, almost every piece of marketing is getting personalized. For a small business marketer, that can be hard. You may not have the means to get your customer’s name on your product then up on the shelves in front of them, but that shouldn’t stop you from Mission: Personalization.

This one-of-a-kind experience for the customer has been molded by today’s connected world. The internet has impacted the way consumers shop for everything hugely. Whether it’s a sweater, an air purifier, or even professional services, consumers now have more power than they ever did before. To get their attention, personalization is an incredible tool.

But how do you get from a to b? From info on your customer to knowing them well enough to personalize?

Data make it possible. You’re likely gathering big data from all kinds of sources. Harnessing the power of that data and turning it into meaningful insights can help you create that one-of-a-kind personalized experience for your customer.

Business Intelligence helps you make sense of your data. Integrating your software applications allows for that big data to be turned into reports that matter to your marketing strategy. With business intelligence, you’ll stay on top of developing trends so you can take action. If these insights were left unseen, your competition could pick up on them (eventually) and beat you to the punch. Seemingly anticipating the needs of your target audience will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

As a marketing professional for a small business, this can be harder than it sounds. You need the right technology and platforms to help you gather and report on this all-important data. It can be different platforms for different companies. From social media management to website traffic insights to hosting a podcast, what you need may look different than your competition. Figuring out what is right for you is the first step in becoming a personalization wiz.

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