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Different high-priced toner stocks, maintenance kits, poor print quality, wasted prints.  If this sounds like the print environment in your organization, then Guru Print from GadellNet may be the solution you need to go from chaos to control.  Below are a few key areas you may benefit from implementing a Managed Print Solution:

Cost-effective investment

You probably know the maintenance price of your copier/MFP down the one hundredth of a cent, but what about your printer fleet?  How much per page?  Is it the same for every device?  Does page coverage change how much it costs me to print?  With GuruPrint those are no longer questions. You have a flat rate for B&W prints and color prints.  Those rates include toner and maintenance and page coverage is no longer an issue. Your per page cost stays the same.

Enhanced Quality of Service

No more stocking different brands of toner in the closet or having Kevin from IT fix the jam.  Automated supply refill based on current levels and ticketed maintenance and support calls with rapid service response times will change the way you work!

Improve User Experience

Increased uptime, fewer user interventions/disruptions= increased employee satisfaction – less turnover.  Fewer Assets to manage – more consistency in supplies, improved user comfort with use and menus.  Same user interface for printers improves user experience.  It also allows us to execute proper right sizing changes with less user disruption and anxiety.

Control and Accountability

Ongoing management and tracking will allow you insight into your company’s printing habits and detail into the end users cost.  What are they printing?  How much?  Why?  You will have answers to those questions which will assist with you creating a document strategy which could ultimately lead to further reduced costs and eliminate inefficient processes.

Improved security

Many devices now come with built-in user authentication and activity tracking, but an MPS program can offer an additional level of security by encrypting device data and using comprehensive permissions to ensure people only have access to the information they need.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Managed print can help you reduce your paper usage, reduce wasted supplies and lower your electrical consumption by consolidating devices.

If this sounds overwhelming, know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Printing environments have become increasingly complicated and, unfortunalty, a source of waste in companies. When moving to a Managed Print Environment, there are soft costs and other productivity gains to consider.

Contact GadellNet for a print assessment to find out how Guru Print can help manage your print environment.

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