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Business Intelligence tools take your big data and make sense of it. Reporting and dashboards that help leaders make the right decisions can give organizations the upper hand as compared to their competition.

But as an end user, what do you actually stand to gain?


One of our clients, let’s call them Modbells, needed to get a little time back. In particular, they had one employee who spent four-five hours each and every Friday on manually pulling together reports for a meeting on Monday mornings. The reports were created from data that was housed in several different Excel sheets across their network. In years gone by, this wouldn’t sound like anything too out of the norm, but with the capabilities of Business Intelligence, it’s almost absurd. This employee had to dedicate at least half a day every week to something that a Business Intelligence tool could pull automatically every hour. Once the tool was implemented, Rodbell employee had 208-260 hours per year freed up to dedicate to other tasks.

If you had that much more time on your hands, what might be possible? Your efficiency would increase, that’s for sure. You could spend that time finishing other tasks or getting organized for the next week in a different way.  You would also have much less stress about the reports because there’s no room for human error. As long as the report is set up correctly, your data will be correct.

More About Business Intelligence

Business intelligence provides an easy way for all teams to connect to their data. It makes building powerful reports and dashboards easy and easy to share across teams or the organization. Your data is connected to achieve the goals on a customized business intelligence roadmap.

Business Intelligence can help you answer these kinds of questions:

  • When should I hire?
  • What is my anticipated cash position 45 days from today?
  • How happy are my clients?
  • Am I utilizing my teams as effectively as possible?
  • Who are my high performers?
  • What is my ROI on a particular investment?
  • Is my marketing initiative working?
  • Will we grow this year?

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