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There is more than one way to create efficiency in an organization, but many of these are supported and created by people. For a construction firm, both the labor and office employees can modify workflows, adopt technological advances and follow company procedures to create and maintain efficiencies. Huge efficiencies can be created through different technologies. At the design and estimating stages of a job, when working to get data back and forth from the field, and so on. If we get a little less technical, however, your labor force is one of the most obvious opportunities for project efficiency.

Labor Efficiency

Without your workforce, you’re nothing. Without a dedicated and skilled workforce, you’re falling behind at best. When you have a dedicated, skilled workforce you can make up time and money within a project pretty easily. Getting skilled people right off the bat is great, but that’s not where it ends. In order to get your labor force where you need it to be and to retain those workers, many different types of programs can be deployed.

Training programs can be used within an organization to make their labor force feel like more than just labor. Training programs also allow people to grow and advance in their careers. Safety programs let employees know their safety is of the utmost importance to you. Standard procedures in the field will validate an organization’s professionalism and coordination. To your ever-evolving workforce, these items make your organization all the more attractive.

The Cycle of Labor Productivity

The efficiencies and productivity of your workforce is cyclical. To keep your labor force the hub of your business’s productivity, you need to follow the cycle of events: train, perform, reward, retain. When you use these baseline simple, yet effective methods, you provide efficiency opportunities as well as a dedicated labor force that fights for the success of your organization.

Tools to Support Organizational Programs

To support your new cycle of train, perform, reward, retain, there are several tools you can use.


To help manage training your workforce, we suggest using Skillsoft. This platform is great for maturing your talent. They boast sustainable and measurable results through eLearning. eLearning is great for a workforce that needs to balance training needs with daily tasks.


To track performance in your team, we suggest using Kahua.  This task manager helps your whole team get organized and brings a lot of visibility to the team. This platform can be used for project tracking, team management, task management, and you guessed it – performance tracking. Some benefits of Asana are a team calendar, team communication, fewer emails, web, mobile, and iOS versions. You can also synchronize drawings and markups between multiple platforms.


When it comes to rewards programs to support employee growth, there are many avenues you can take. You can increase PTO, give bonuses, increased flexibility, or opportunities to move up in the company. Many of these programs are managed internally but platforms like Fond exist to help you track peer-to-peer, wellness, core value, and service rewards.


To increase retention further, we suggest using TINYpulse. This tools allows employees to give feedback, answer questions, and send each other messages of thanks and congratulations. This platform is completely anonymous and helps support your culture.

For more information about supporting your construction labor force through technology, contact GadellNet.

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