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15five is performance management software. 15five combines weekly check-ins with quarterly goals and annual performance reviews. Employees are able to create a priority list for the week that feed into their sprint goals. At the time they outline their weekly priorities, they are able to update their progress on their quarterly goals. 

Employees and managers are both able to outline topics for 1-on-1 meetings. When you meet with your employees, it’s easy to see what objectives they’ve been crushing, what they could use support on, and what conversations are needed. Managers are able to pose questions weekly for culture feedback. 

Why we love it: 15five makes weekly reporting, quarterly goals, and yearly planning easy. Each smaller report feeds into the next so there is no operating in a silo. Teammates can see how each other are doing on their goals to align their own efforts. 15five offers easy tracking, high visibility, and helps you celebrate the wins. 

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