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Slack is an instant messaging tool. They strive to be messaging that brings your team together. Slack was built for collaboration and teams that work on the go from anywhere. You can organize conversations, create channels for teams or projects or whatever else you need, easily search conversation history, and access slack from anywhere. Slack has integrated video capabilities so you can get face time with your team. You can also drag and drop files into slack for feedback and sharing. 

Slack is not limited to your team. You can invite clients, vendors, or whoever else you work with closely in order to have the conversations you need to have with fewer distractions. Connect tools like Asana, Salesforce, Google Drive, and about 1,500 other tools to your Slack for deeper value. Can’t find a pre-built connection? Custom APIs are also possible.

Why we love it: Talk about the best GIFs in the game. Slack is intuitive, powerful, and helps keep teams organized and on track. The ability to bring in outsiders is also incredibly helpful for projects. 

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