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On this special edition of Tech Tuesday, we are talking turkey! We wanted to share with you a few tools at your disposal to ensure you have the very best Thanksgiving. 

  1. Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line 

Yes, this is a real thing. Between the month’s on November and December, this help hotline fields more than 100,000 turkey-related questions. They are here for you! More than 50 turkey experts are ready and waiting via phone, online chat, and email (much like GadellNet!) and they can also help you thought social media, texting, and even Amazon Alexa. This hotline began back in 1981 and answered 11,000 questions. The Turkey Talk-Line has grown enormously since then! 

Learn more here:

Call: 1-800-288-8372

Text: 1-844-877-3456

Live chat: 

  • Instacart

Forget some essentials for you holiday feast? Run out of butter? Download Instacart and have your groceries delivered to you in two hours or less (depending on driver availability). If you’re more of a planner, you can schedule your groceries days in advance and have the load delivered right when you’re ready for them! You won’t have to pay any delivery fees (except tipping your driver) if your order is over $35. Instacart can save you so much time this holiday season that you won’t know what to do with yourself!

  • iExit 

For those who are traveling to their Thanksgiving dinner, there is an app that can help you get from A to B with as few surprises as possible. iExit was created to let you know what is waiting for you at each exit along the way. This takes the guesswork out of planning stops along your trip. If you want to stop for gas and take a restroom break, iExit can help you choose the exit along your route with the cleanest bathrooms.  

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