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GadellNet recently announced they are expanding their business to Wisconsin in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. In the spirit of this excitement, we came up with a list of why Madison, Wisconsin is a great city to be in business. Take a look at our top 10 reasons-

1. It’s a College Town
The University of Wisconsin-Madison supplies this city with a stream of young and fresh professionals who are ready to go. The students in Madison give back to the community and the university offers free humanity courses to low-income adults in the area.

2. Madison, WI Top Place to Live
For all of those working in Madison, they have a great place to live, too. Madison, WI often appears on lists of top cities to live because of the many amenities this city offers along with great quality of living and low crime rates. Their suburbs, such as Middletown, Fitchburg and Maple Bluff are popular, as well.

3. The Food
Livability placed Madison, WI in the Top 5 place to eat. Madison is also the host of the world’s largest Brat Fest. Madison boasts several food tours and a Taste of Madison event.

4. Wisconsin Tech Council
The Wisconsin Tech Council allows professionals in the tech industry to provide guidance to lawmakers. This is also a great networking opportunity for professionals in the state. This goes to show how well-supported tech startups are in Madison, WI.

5. Bicycle Benefits
Madison is a city that encourages biking and a healthy lifestyle. This biking-friendly community allows businesses and restaurants to sell the Bicycle Benefits biking stickers for $5 to raise awareness and raise funds to make more biking friendly places in the city.

6. The Great Outdoors
Skiing, sailing, swimming, you can do it all in the greater Madison area. This city has an outdoor activity for everyone to enjoy including many public parts. These outdoor activities help attract some of the best talent in the area.

7. Tax Credit for Investors
In Madison, an investor who invests in a startup receives a tax credit. This is a huge incentive in itself and also goes to show, the local government wants startups to thrive in Madison.

8. Arts and Culture
Madison has a vibrant arts scene with many galleries and museums. This city also has performing arts theaters with many shows throughout the year.

9. Accelerate Madison
Accelerate Madison are events for entrepreneurs and professionals in the Madison area. They come together to be educated on strategic role of digital technology in business growth, economic expansion, and job creation.

10. Metro Innovation Center
Proving once again that Madison fosters entrepreneurs in the areas of technology, engineering, and computer science, you can find a Metro Innovation Center in the University Research Park. This offers conference rooms, a kitchenette, and space for young professionals with dreams of startups to get their start.

GadellNet is proud to offer their outsourced IT Consulting Services in the Madison and Milwaukee areas.


GadellNet is an award-winning IT consulting firm that provides full-service technology solutions to small businesses. Since 2003, we have been delivering efficient, profitable and happier workforces. GadellNet’s best-in-class engineering team is highly successful at implementing and maintaining value-add hardware and software technology.

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