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In our experience, when you’ve begun your search for a Managed Service Provider, your boss is going to ask you to gather information from different providers. She or he may give you some basic requirements for the MSPs then send you on your way. Then it’s up to you to Google search, make calls, emails, and even have meetings to sift through the plethora of vendors out there. At the end of this process, she’ll/he’ll want to see a report with some columns that show the differences, then you’ll probably meet to talk about them. You may have a favorite vendor, but you may also know you need to convince your boss to go with that vendor. 

We’re here to help you achieve what we know you were already out to do – convince your boss to go with GadellNet as your Managed Service Provider. There are some frequently asked questions many clients have and we want you to be fully prepared to meet with your boss and competently answer these questions so we can get on working together. 

Higher Price

We’re going to cut right to the chase. We are not the cheapest provider you’re going to find. Many budget-conscious leaders are looking to make sure their technology line item isn’t breaking the bank. We get that. We really do. GadellNet is priced higher than some of the competition because when it comes to technology providers, you get what you pay for. GadellNet’s staff, process, and approach is best-in-class. 

Some places have a person who takes a message for an engineer as their help desk service; at GadellNet the engineers are answering the phones in order to solve your issues right then and there. At GadellNet, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager. Someone who gets to know your company, your business goals, and your needs. This person comes quarterly to present a report and help you align your technology budget and activities with the right tools to help you meet your goals. GadellNet offers Virtual Chief Technology Officers, vertical-specific architects, project managers, and more. We aren’t just here to fix what’s broken, we are here to partner with our clients and ensure they have the right technology to power their missions. 

No All-Inclusive Packages

We’ve heard that some of our competition offers all-inclusive packages. It sounds like a dream and might even make you think of that all-inclusive vacation you took at the beach. This is a little different, however. In this case, it might be more realistic to conjure up memories of the last buffet you mildly enjoyed. Everything is a little bland, not quite the right temperature, and you’re waiting in a really long line to get it. 

When you work with all-inclusive Managed Service Providers, the issues you have often don’t get handled quickly or effectively, causing you a ton of frustration. At GadellNet, we approach any issue that hasn’t been headed off by preventative maintenance or project work head on. We solve these issues quickly and effectively using our knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated staff members’ varying areas of expertise. 


GadellNet does something some other MSPs don’t do. We charge an onboarding fee, and it’s something we simply can’t waive. Why? Our onboarding experience is different.

All MSPs have to onboard their new clients. For almost all of them, that means simply deploying their software, such as remote tools and monitoring agents, to your company machines. They also do documentation in this process.

We fall in line with that. We do deploy our software, including remote tools and monitoring agents, and we do documentation. But that’s where the similarities end. We ensure the disruptions are nil for your staff. The moving over process is seamless. Our onboarding process starts with getting your environment under our support and protection, but it ends in a 30-60 day report that covers any and all gaps, issues, inefficiencies, and the like that we find within your environment. We do a full and comprehensive audit as part of our onboarding. This is more than just “getting to know” your environment. We dive in deep. If you have too many Office 365 licenses, we will uncover that. If you have cybersecurity gaps that need fixed, we find them (before they cost you thousands in a breach).

Throughout the Onboarding process, you will have a team of GadellNet employees working with you and working to figure out every part of your environment. From project managers and account managers to server team engineers, our staff dedicates themselves to uncovering the immediate ROI an audit of this magnitude can find.

This 30-60 day audit will end with an action plan. From the small to the huge. We will take all of our findings and tell you how you can improve your environment immediately in a step-by-step action plan. Your account manager will continue to work with you as this action plan is carried out. You’ll realize increased operational efficiency and reduced operational cost from the things we find in your comprehensive audit.

When you have new employees who join your team, we ensure their Onboarding is seamless, as well. We set up laptops for new employees based on their role within your organization. When they sit down on their first day, they will have their machine, their monitors, their cabling, and all the applications they need for their specific role. They will sit right down and be able to get to work with no delays.

Hours of Service

GadellNet sometimes gets some pushback about our hours. We have staff available 24/7/365, but the bulk of our staff works via phone, chat, and email between 6 am – 11 pm EST. Outside of those hours are considered, cleverly, after hours.

The reason for this is we want someone to be on call and there for you in an emergency, but as emergencies are few and far between from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. when our staff is back in the office, we find it unnecessary to stay fully staffed 24/7. This would be something that would drive up our prices in a big way without adding that much more value to our staff. 

If you need any more help convincing your boss that GadellNet is the right managed service provider for you, reach out to the sales team. They’ll help you out! 

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