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Our mission since 2012 has been clear: “Unleash the Potential of Businesses and Schools”.

Every decision, hire, strategic move, conversation or performance review is tied back to our values. Our employees are hired based on their ability to help us, themselves and our clients grow, take 100% responsibility, and to make an impact. These values add up to one thing – transformation.

Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. If we pick that apart, you can see these elements clearly in our culture.  Thorough is a way to describe our methodologies and process management. We pour ourselves over our work to make sure we are finding the right solution to improve our customers’ operations. Dramatic is another interesting term. Being transformative takes a tremendous amount of effort. It takes drive, determination, creativity, grit and flexibility. Having a workforce with these qualities is dramatically different from our competition.

So why is transformation our mission?

Transformation is a call to action. It drives us forward as a company and guides the decisions we make – we can’t be happy being a call center who fixes computers as is the case with most Managed IT Service Providers. Transformation as a mission means never being satisfied and always reaching for more on behalf of our clients. To live our mission, our employees must have the passion and the know-how to move us toward our next goal.  It’s why our clients grow double digits year after year – we are a part of something special and help enable their functional groups to succeed!

Small businesses that do not transform fall behind. Per, the average company lifespan is falling rapidly because companies have failed to change with the times.   We’ve had to evolve by bringing on cyber security, business intelligence, data analytics, industry specific CIO consulting, and more – all very expensive investments, but all in the name of transformation.

We believe it is important for us to be transformative in every aspect, including for our peers, work, clients, family, community, and self.

Peers & Self

At GadellNet, having employees who want to see their peers grow is important. New employees are assigned a mentor but beyond that, everyone on the team helps to welcome them. They are met with many helping hands as they learn our company and our systems. Peer transformation also comes in the form of cross-departmental collaboration. These brainstorming groups ensure a fresh approach is always taken by bringing different personalities, perspectives, and talents together.

We also spend 4x the industry average on training – as that is a huge component of transformation.

Further, we engage in weekly 1:1s, hold quarterly performance review sessions and use a tool “Cheers for Peers” that allows us to reward peers who live up to the values of transformation.

Having employees who reach for transformation within themselves is the root of all other transformation we are a part of. To ensure our employees can meet this desire, we offer each employee individualized training opportunities. Each employee can spend $1200 a year on courses, seminars, certifications, or other training opportunities.


GadellNet’s clients are always our top priority. We employ industry experts in construction, education, security, and more. Because of this, we can be a transformative force for our clients. In 2016, our clients grew an average of 9%.

For our clients, we create tech strategies for our clients that will usher them into the next phase of their business. It is surprising to us how many new clients do not have a tech strategy in place before coming on board with us. The competitive advantage a comprehensive tech strategy affords our clients is bar none. These three-year plans create changes over time that will ensure their success and growth.

If we are working with a well-established company, we figure out ways to adapt and grow. We believe digitally driven operations are bound to succeed. For new companies, our strategies often focus on making sure all their basic tech needs are being met and that their three-year plan makes room for industry-specific tech needs.


At GadellNet, we know family comes first. We don’t try to make our employees pretend that their work is more important than their family. We want our employees to be transformative for their families. If an employee has a sick child, they are encouraged to work from home. If it makes their day easier and less stressful to leave the office at 2:30 so they can be home when their kids get off the bus, we are happy to allow that. To be transformative for their families and to be part of healthy, supportive families, our employees have the guilt-free flexibility to be there for their family when they are needed.


GadellNet reaches to be transformative in the communities in which we work and live. We are fully committed as an organization to make a difference in our communities. Technology has the power to transform lives and that is one way we like to help through tech donations. In 2016, GadellNet donated technology to KIPP Indy, the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville, the Hamilton County technology exchange, headed by our CEO, and to over 100 community members in the St. Louis area. The GadellNet team has also participated in community clean-ups and charity walk/runs.  Our Pay IT Forward program has donated over 500 PCs to local and international charity organizations.

Technology is a constantly evolving, improving, innovating. As a technology providers, this requires us to constantly evolve, as well. We take this mission seriously and do our best to be transformative from every angle and in every way. From this we hope to be part of creating a better work environment, client operation, self and community.


Contact Us if you would like GadellNet to transform you tech.


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