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Every year, through the holiday season, GadellNet has been dedicated to giving back to the community. We have done so through many of the traditional channels you may be able to guess – food drives, adopting a family to purchase gifts for, charity runs, and the like. 

This year, as we’ve become a certified B Corporation, we’ve become even more dedicated to finding ways to give back to the community. 

GadellNet recently kicked off a 60-day campaign called Season of Giving. We’ve already been able to donate to several charities, donate toys and supplies to hospitals, and support a sleep-out for homelessness with a few other drives coming down the pipeline. 

Another thing that makes this year different has been Zero Excuses. Through this podcast, we’ve been able to get to know leaders who are dedicated to important causes in Indianapolis and St. Louis. We have highlighted some of the best of the best below. 

1. OneThousandOneCity 

On episode 18Matt Troyer of Emergent Construction in Indianapolis introduced OneThousandOneCity. This charity strives to donate new shoes to those in need. Their biggest event this year was the run through the city. For 100 days, people like Matt ran 10 miles each day to raise awareness. 

2. Operation Food Search 

On Episode 14Kristen Wild of Operation Food Search talked to us a little about the mission of their organization and the good they’re doing in the community. They combine emergency food distribution with education. They aim to help those in need overcome the effects of hunger. To volunteer or make a donation, you can visit their website.

3. The Children’s Bureau 

Tina Cloer of The Children’s Bureau shared with us on episode 10 how intertwined her own past is with the organization she now runs. The Children’s Bureau has been helping children since 1851. They aim to help families overcome the challenges that sometimes lead to unhealthy behaviors and could threaten a child’s well-being.  Their programs vary widely but are build on the foundation of prevent, intervene, protect and support. 

4. ProAct Indy 

Derrin Slack joined us on episode 9 and he is the founder of ProAct Indy. In his episode he talks a lot about what lead him to start ProAct Indy and why its mission is so important to him. At the beginning of the pandemic, Derrin quickly changed his plans and used his resources to reach hungry kids in need at home.

5. St. Louis Childrens Hospital 

Tracy Hart of Tarlton sits on the board of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital on episode 3. She touched briefly on her experience with the Children’s Hospital. This hospital has been leading the charge in children’s medicine for decades. If you’d like to give back or get involved, you can visit their website.

With all of these deserving causes, we hope it opens your eyes to the possibilities of the season, even in 2020.

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