Security Assessments

Every business is sure to lock their office doors at night. But do you take the same care to ensure the doors to their network are secured against hackers? In today’s marketplace, protecting sensitive data needs to be given the same priority as physical security.

With the increase in cyber threats, several regulatory requirements in financial services, the Payment Card Industry (PCI), and the government sector require regulated entities to perform periodic external and internal vulnerability assessments. In fact, in the event of a data breach, the lack of effective scanning and reporting can lead to a determination of negligence for all businesses, regardless of vertical market. Vulnerability scanning provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive check to confirm your systems are protected.

External and Internal Network Analysis Assessments

These services go beyond basic automated scanning to provide manual validation and analysis of vulnerabilities identified by scanning. The depth of these services helps eliminate inaccurate reports that can occur with automated scanning, and they facilitate a more precise understanding of the real security of your systems.

At the conclusion of your assessment, you’ll receive:

  • A detailed report outlining validated vulnerabilities, including risk ratings, and recommendations for remediation.
  • A debriefing with stakeholders to discuss findings and remediation.

SANS20 Assessments

GadellNet offers a comprehensive gap analysis that leverages the SANS 20 framework to help evaluate your current security environment. The results of a SANS 20 review is an accurate measurement of implemented controls as well as clear recommendations to address the gaps that exist. By closing existing gaps related to the SANS controls, organizations will have a more effective cyber-security defense and greatly reduce their risk exposure. GadellNet’s consultants will use tactics like

  • Interviewing stakeholders and IT security staff to collect qualitative inputs
  • Performing in-depth analysis of findings to determine current posture and gaps
  • Document and present findings in executive summary and detailed report format
  • Prioritizing recommendations for gap remediation based upon your business needs and capabilities

The outcome of GadellNet’s SANS 20 gap assessment will provide a summarized view of your overall security posture and lay the groundwork down for a complete security program. SANS 20 Critical Security Controls, breaks remediation tasks into two distinct categories, quick wins and strategic projects, to help prioritize tasks into obtainable solutions