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The stories are in the news. We see them almost weekly. A simple mistake or incident leads to a data disaster. For a small business, lost data can be an overwhelming blow.  Whether caused by a natural disaster, a fire, human error, hardware malfunction, or a phishing scheme, if your data is gone, your small business simply cannot function.

40% of small businesses that experience 3 or more days of downtime fail within 35 months.

Small businesses are at a greater risk for data loss. Cyber attackers know smaller businesses don’t often spend much of their time or their budget on cyber security and that means it’s easier for them to access your data. Unfortunately, the assumption that your data is too small and unimportant to protect is exactly what makes you a target.

Planning for the unknown is no easy task. Hackers are a seriously threat, but even a simple power outage could bring your business to a grinding halt. Making sure your critical information and technology investments are backed by a secure, tested and comprehensive plan will ensure your small business as a whole is secure.

The client data you are responsible for will be kept safe through a disaster and recovery plan. You cannot risk this data slipping into the wrong hands. If that were to happen, it could seriously damage your reputations and break the trust you’ve built with clients.

Cloud backup with a regular restore points will ensure that if any of your data is ever lost or stolen, you will be able to regain a recent version of your data. Live recovery with your back up gives you near continuous access to the data you’ve protected. You are able to recover a single file, a single message, or the entire data set. Whatever you need, your back up plan should be able to recover it for you.

Make your back up and recovery plan a priority today. With ransomware up 50% from last year, human and machine errors, and mother nature against you, it’s really not a question of if you lost data, but when.

Be sure you back up can provide the following:

  • Back up and secure your critical data
  • Ensures an environmental or technical disaster does not cripple your business
  • Performs automated recovery testing and verification
  • Offers live recovery
  • Allows continuous access to your data, no matter what

Peace of mind for your small business can be greatly aided by back up. Learn more about GadellNet’s guru hero product.

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