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Managed Service Providers work to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing tech needs of their clients. This has taken many forms, even over just the last 14 year since GadellNet has been in business. From cloud storage to mobile device management, something new is always bound to make its way into your office as tech evolves.

Rapid Resolution offers that next level of IT support and customer service. The best part is, if your Managed Service Provider is already in place and adding this service to their line-up, it is likely covered under your Help Desk services meaning no extra charges to take advantage of this transformative service. The implementation is pretty easy too, a reboot should do it and you will have chat assist on your taskbar. Much easier than transitioning from paper documents to the cloud, but a tech evolution nonetheless.

Here are three ways Rapid Resolution chat will help your small business:


When you have an issue, you can hop on chat and talk to someone right away. In fact, the average wait time is about 17 seconds at GadellNet. Not bad. Help is at your fingertips. If the engineer is not going to be able to quickly resolve your issue, they will schedule a time for you to work with an engineer further. This may require a call, but you won’t be waiting and you can choose a time that makes the most sense for you.


Chat really helps to keep your efficiency up. While you’re waiting for the engineer to fix your issue or check on a few things, chat makes it easier for you to multi-task. You don’t have to give up your ability to stay on task just to get a minor issue fixed. Getting completely off task can be an efficiency killer but with chat, your time is not completely dedicated to the resolution. You can reply to a few emails or edit that document you’ve been putting off all while your engineer is fixing your issue.


Flexibility is where the convenience and efficiency come together. Whenever you have the time, you can take advantage of chat. That means you decide what works best for your schedule. In addition, chat is made for issues that need to be addressed immediately. No longer do you have to submit and email detailing your problem and wait for a callback. You get the answers, and often the solutions, you need right then and there.


GadellNet recently launch our own Rapid Resolution team who can be reached by our clients using phone or chat. Learn more about this team here.

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