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We are incredibly proud of our 99.7% Client Retention Rate.

And because of that, we are incredibly proud that our client retention is not a product of us having better lawyers than you.   Our contracts have a 30-day out clause – for any reason.  When you make the switch the GadellNet, I want you to know that you’ve chosen to work with a partner that wants to earn the right to be your technology provider in 5 years.

That is earned through great hires, transformative wisdom and world-class service.  That is not earned through a contract that forces you to stick with us.

Our team needs to feel like we could be fired at any time.  And that feeling is pervasive in our culture – it forces us to innovate, to learn, to grow, and to continuously prove our value to our clients.

The power is in your hands – give us a try.  No website, no video, no marketing material can help make you “feel” what it’s like to be a GadellNet client, but it’s different.  If you don’t think we’re different, feel free to leave.  But, our experience across over 150 other clients gives me the confidence that you’ll want to stick around.



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