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All hardware will eventually come to the end of its life. It can be difficult to know when you need to pull the plug on outdated IT when your devices start acting dysfunctional. Start with making sure you have the warranty keys you need to keep them up to warranty as long as that is available. As long as you keep your devices up to date, they should not come to their end of life prematurely. Contact your Account Manager for information about your warranty keys.

Many laptops reach their end of lie within 3 to 5 years. If your hardware is coming up on this milestone, it might be time to update. Although this can be costly from a tech budget perspective, slow tech can cost you more. If your devices are not performing at their top ability you can lose productivity, increase downtime, and have some very frustrated users. This can hurt your bottom line.

If new hardware is what you need because your devices have reached their end of life, evaluate the total cost of ownership before taking the plunge with new technology. This will help you understand how to invest your technology dollars.

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