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Hummer is rapidly becoming the biggest malware threat across the world targeting Android users. This virus has infected 1.2 million devices so far. With numbers like this, Hummer is likely the biggest Trojan family ever.

Security researchers, like Cheeta Mobile Security Research Lab, have recently issued warning because this Trojan family has already made a huge impact on Android users and is continuing to grow. This Trojan takes hold by installing malware and unwanted apps to your device without your knowledge.

Hummer tool hold early this year and is thought to have originated in China. China saw 63,000 daily infections alone and many of the domains can be traced back to China.

How does it work?

The Hummer Trojan will root the phone, meaning it unlocks the operating system, and gains administrative privileges. After that, a user will notice frequent pop-ups ads. Background installation of unwanted apps, games, and other unwanted content and malware begins at this time too.

The user can uninstall these apps, but the Trojan will just reinstall them. In fact, even a factory reset won’t get rid of Hummer.

Another big threat is how quickly Hummer can eat up your data. In a few hours it can use 2 GB of network traffic. If your carrier charges for usage over that amount, you could have an incredibly high phone bill coming up.

The U.S. has not been affected as much as other countries. Here are the top five:

  1. India – 154,248
  2. Indonesia – 92,889
  3. Turkey – 63,906
  4. China – 63,258

Mexico – 59,192

How can you avoid infection

Although the U.S. has not been targeted as heavily as other countries, you could still be at risk. There are a few ways to avoid getting Hummer, however, which could save you a lot of headache and maybe some cash.

  • Only download applications from the Google Play App Store
  • Update your device to the latest Android operating system
  • Do not connect to unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks
  • Delete unrecognized SMS messages immediately.

These four simple tips should keep you safe from most Trojan families, including Hummer.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me, Brad, via email at

About the author: Brad Hettenhausen in a security expert in the small business realm. His background is in IT Operations, Security and Audit. Brad really enjoys designing and implementing IT security plans and processes in a way that works for small and medium size businesses. As our Director of Consulting Services, Brad gets to do this on a daily basis as he assists customers with technical solutions that will help drive their business forward.

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