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GadellNet, a top Managed Services and Cyber Security provider in the Midwest, is proud to announce they are now a member and sponsor of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Indianapolis. Conscious Capitalism is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business.

Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world. Conscious businesses are galvanized by higher purposes that serve, align, and integrate the interests of all their major stakeholders. Their higher state of consciousness makes visible to them the interdependencies that exist across all stakeholders, allowing them to discover and harvest synergies from situations that otherwise seem replete with trade-offs. They have conscious leaders who are driven by service to the company’s purpose, all the people the business touches, and the planet we all share together. Conscious businesses have trusting, authentic, innovative and caring cultures that make working there a source of both personal growth and professional fulfillment. They endeavor to create financial, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical and ecological wealth for all their stakeholders.

GadellNet began in 2003 and has since grown to a dynamic team of 65 employees. Through the history of the company, GadellNet has been a culture and people-centric company. Built on values that have guided their every move, they maintained this culture throughout their growth and expansion across the Midwest.  This set of ideals fit in very well with what Conscious Capitalism values so as of this month, GadellNet is a member of this growing group of impactful businesses.

“At GadellNet, we have worked hard to follow our sense of purpose. We transform businesses through technology, but in order to be transformative, we always felt we needed a strong foundation. For us, that foundation was our company culture and our strong guiding values.  One of our values is “Make an Impact” – this applies to our clients, our peers, the company and our community” stated CEO, Nick Smarrelli.

Conscious Capitalism is a nonprofit that promotes doing business differently. They try to produce and support businesses that are good, ethical, noble, and heroic. Doing business shouldn’t just be about making money, a conscious business needs to inspire, engage, and energize its stakeholders. According to Conscious Capitalism, this can be done by focusing on being conscious of how you align your purpose, culture, stakeholders, and leadership.

As a member of Conscious Capitalism, GadellNet can continue offering their clients service they can rely on, while being backed by an organization that measures itself against the very best in business.

About GadellNet

GadellNet offers 24/7 Help Desk Support and a Rapid Resolution Team to their clients. GadellNet specializes in industry-specific technology consulting, creating three-year plans for their clients that facilitate growth for their clients. In 2016, GadellNet’s clients grew an average of 9%. GadellNet offers the full gambit of managed services, including comprehensive security monitoring, on-site and cloud backup, mobile device management, professional services, and more. For more on what GadellNet offers, please visit,

Learn more about Conscious Capitalism here:

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