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2016 was a great year for construction technology. We saw many advances and technologies being applied in time-saving and safety-creating ways. As we move forward into 2017, that trend will continue and an emphasis will be put on efficiency, automation, and data management.

Mobile technology will continue to be an area of growth in the field, as well. If you are not part of the nearly 50% of construction companies using mobile technology to assess customer and job information, you could be falling behind the competition.

With that in mind, we at GadellNet put together a list of the top 10 applications and tools to help you grow and prosper in 2017.

  1. Box

Simple and secure file sharing. This cloud-based solution allows you to collaborate with your team in real time from any device, with the ability to share even large files with just a link. You have unlimited cloud storage and mobile access through Box meaning you will never run out of space and you will always be able to access the shared files. With the shared online workspace you are able to edit files simultaneously. This solution is equipped with security controls to make for secure file sharing.

  1. Fall Safety App

Safety application. This application has a very specific purpose. If your employees are working in high places, this app can run in the background a detect a fall through the phone’s built in accelerometer. If this app detects a fall, a loud alarm will sound for 30 seconds and notifies the emergency contacts via email, text, or voice message.

  1. Concur

Automated travel, expense, and invoice management. This fast and accurate expense reporting is perfect for construction firms as it can track and log expenses, allow employees to have control over their travel, and simplify invoicing, all while keeping everything in compliance with your controls. You are also able to manage business expenses and account payable through this application. Concur brings together mobility and simplicity while having a robust offering.

  1. DataLoader

Bulk import and export of data. If you are already using SalesForce, DataLoader is a great application to add. This web-based tool will allow you to work interactively to set permameters, do field mappings, and import to SalesForce. Your batch reporting will be simplified and it can support files with up to 5 million records.

  1. Estimate Rocket

All in one estimating, invoicing, scheduling, project tracking, and CRM. This web-based application allows you to jeep everything you need to keep track of clients and projects in one place. You can organize clients and jobs while taking advantage of the CRM functions. Your workflow can be paperless and your entire company can be connected to this application. Easily update them on the status of a project through this application. You can also send estimated and invoices instantly from the field.

  1. WEX

Comprehensive fleet management. WEX helps firms get more out of every gallon through fleet management and Fleet Cards. Their fleet management optimizes operations and reduces complexities. This is done through lowering fuel expenses, tracking driver behavior data, and reducing the risk of fraud through WEX fuel cards. For smaller firms, WEX can assist with managing maintenance, service, and repairs, and fleet tracking and reporting.

  1. Timesheet Mobile

Mobile timesheet application. This free mobile app allows employees to capture their timesheets and add notes about mileage and other information. Alerts can be set to remind employees to clock in and out. This is powered by GPS so you can keep track of all employees in the field. This application can get you one step closer to a paperless jobsite.

  1. SugarCRM

Customer relationship management for sales, marketing, and customer service. Sugar is a flexible CRM solution that allows a completely customizable experience based on your construction firm’s needs. Sugar boasts personalized interactions while staying simplistic in the approach. If your firm is not yet using a CRM platform, this is a great one to look into. Not as expensive as SalesForce with all of the benefits of the data and analytics needed to help you nurture relationships.

  1. JobFlex

Simply creates estimates onsite. This application allows you to create an estimate on the fly, and you don’t even have to be connected to the internet. It was designed for people in the field, which is perfect. It is mobile friendly and provides and easy-to-use materials list. The format is completely customizable, depending on your needs and up to 50 users can access one account.

  1. Photo Measures

Note dimensions. This unique app allows you to take a photo with your smartphone and note dimensions directly on the photo. You can add text as needed and export them to your email or photo library. This can be handy if you are walking a site with a client and they want to know exactly how big an area is.


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If you want to dive deeper into creating a plan for transiting to mobility or need help with your general tech road map, look over the Construction State of Technology eBook. This comprehensive guide will give you insights into getting the most out of your tech while staying on budget.

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