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The GadellNet team understands that the construction and architecture industry relies heavily upon operating on time, on budget, and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide superior IT services for construction and architecture. In this type of environment access to reliable technology and quick resolutions has become invaluable. GadellNet has assisted many companies in the construction industry optimize their core business functions including:

Loss of data, halts to production, overspending and a myriad of IT related issues can greatly affect an organization’s profitability. In today’s economy these are hazards that construction companies cannot afford.

Meet Your Account Manager

More and more construction and architecture companies are turning to GadellNet for our Managed Services and many other IT solutions for architecture and construction. Since 2003, GadellNet has incorporated unique problem-solving orientation with world-class project management to help our clients. From the start-up to the established business, our methodology stays focused on a personal approach to consulting. We provide a dedicated account manager to help drive consistency in our delivery, with a team of specialists in desktop support, network engineering and maintenance, software, data, e-mail and web to provide the best IT services for construction.

GadellNet has been providing IT solutions to construction companies of all sizes for years. Let us take care of managing your company’s technology needs so that you can get back to doing what you do best…building a better tomorrow!

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How we approach construction technology strategies

Construction and Architecture firms compete in an environment today that requires them to operate on time and within budget. All of this must be done while delivering higher levels of satisfaction and safety than ever before. This imperative is challenging for even the best in the industry. Everyone must raise the bar and meet the ever-increasing expectations of the industry. GadellNet is a technology consulting company that understands this imperative and has assisted many companies in the construction and architecture industries to optimize their core business functions.


Hindsight is all about learning about and analyzing the past. When it comes to applications and integration in construction, integration was historically limited to main business functions. Accounting, CRM, and some light estimating functions were the only opportunities for integration in the construction space. These integrations were useful for the main operations and increased efficiency and data intelligence.

However, countless other solutions could not be integrated. When it came to creating assemblies and take-offs, field reporting, and productivity capture, it all had to be done by spreadsheets or pen and paper reporting. These core business functions were, at the time, left without the benefits of integration.

In the past, business intelligence was completely reactionary. It was an incredibly labor-intensive process of reporting and analysis realized most often through market research and project close-out reporting. We learned how our mistakes or oversights affected profitability and tried to correct those mistakes in the future without the ability to pivot during project execution.

When it comes to security, we realize it was a different time with different risks. One of the biggest security concerns was human error and user vulnerabilities. The external risks were far fewer simply because of the nature of technology at the time. The tech itself posed a security risk because of the capabilities of the systems and the lifespan of both hardware and infrastructure. The lack of continuity plans were a hindrance on firms as well.

Current Sight

The current sight is all about understanding what is available now and how it can be best utilized to see maximum benefits in your operation. Currently, there are applications available for all aspects of business functions. No longer is it required for an organization to rely on spreadsheets or pen and paper reporting for core functions. Through this, the focus on efficiency is more apparent and more achievable than ever before. This is driven by tighter margins, aggressive schedules, and emerging construction practices.

Currently, integration is thought of in a different way than ever before. It has become a pre-requisite and not a commodity in the application selection process. What does this mean for you? The focus on efficiency in the field is no longer the only profit driver.

In order to offset the “cost of doing construction,” corporate efficiency continues to be a driving factor. Two main focuses in this arena are removing data double entry and curbing multiple sources for reporting data.

We have seen a sizable increase in the use of software solutions in construction when we compare 2014 and 2015. Here is a quick snapshot of the top solutions including CRM, BIM, estimating and takeoff, field capture and reporting, and project management.

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As it stands now, business intelligence is obtained through a strategic integration plan. This allows companies to answer two important questions: What are our economic drivers? And how can we improve these in real time? The analysis is much more flexible and can be run per project, phase, vertical, or any other way you need. Custom dashboards exist for individual roles including executives, sales, operations, and accounting.

Security has come a long way and human error and vulnerabilities are combated by continuity plans as now continuity plans are prerequisites of doing business. The focus in security has shifted to external threats and internal systematic vulnerabilities. To combat this, risk assessments are imperative as they identify risks and publishing mitigation strategies. Cyber liability insurance is one of the best ways to safeguard your business today and calls for a privacy policy, acceptable use policy, network security policy, incident response policy, disaster recovery policy, encrypted devices, secure remote capabilities, protocols for user identification, authentication, and integrity.


Looking at the trends in construction today and how far technology has come in this industry, we look at the possibilities of the future. SaaS and hosted platforms for application integration are going to become essential across the board.  In the future, we fully expect to see complete automation for project lifecycles in corporate offices from start to close-out. The benefits of these platforms are many but two of the top benefits are a streamlined application portfolio, scalability without additional labor-force, and a reduced TCO for IT infrastructure.

In the realm of business intelligence, the best strategic planners are going to dominate the market as market strategy and prediction will be widespread throughout the industry. SMART schedules with the ability to pivot project execution plans day-to-day or even hour-to-hour will also become essential.

In the near future, security as a service with risk assessment, intrusion detection, and penetration testing will be the norm. A more granular approach will be taken the managed security, data logging and auditing, role-based security settings, and behavior based security


Bringing it all together

Triple sight is something we should all be implementing. Understanding where we have been and where we are going allows you to set yourself up for success. Five action items you can do immediately to get started:

  • Create an internal committee
  • Define your critical applications
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Define your economic driver & true profitability
  • Leverage internal communication solutions to cut down on lost time



Our staff is well versed in the software that drives the Construction Industry:


GadellNet’s experience with these valuable tools positions us to properly serve the technology needs and provide the proper level of support to the Construction Industry.

  • “We can’t keep up with everything that goes on in the world of technology. That’s what GadellNet does for us, and they do it extremely well, and it’s helped us to grow.” St. Louis Construction firm, 125 employees
  • “Tom was Amazing! Here was here at the time he told me he would be and got my new computer up and running 100% without any issues in less than 2 hours. This was as seamless a transition into a new machine as I have ever had. Thanks for all the hard work.” St. Louis Construction Firm, 100 employees