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Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary set of tools that put real power right at your fingertips. Office 365’s features can optimize productivity and keep your entire team connected. For most, however, the full features and benefits aren’t being taken advantage of. From Business Intelligence to anywhere access, Office 365 can do it all for your small business, if you adopt all of the tools and teach your workforce how to use them. 

Here are 5 major areas to take advantage of Office 365 and get the most bang for your buck:

1.   Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a true hub. Chat with your team, save and share files, schedule and conduct meetings, and so much more through Teams. This platform seamlessly integrates with all other features of Office 365 so you can access a lot of what you need to work throughout the day from this one place. Teams limits disruptions and enable collaboration. 

2.   OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud-based feature included with all Office 365 packages. Through OneDrive, you’ll have access to your documents from anywhere, which means you can also work on and save your documents from anywhere, creating an agile and flexible environment. You’ll be able to access your documents from your laptop, iPad, smart phone, or tablet. The same goes for the rest of your team. If you’re in an airport (be careful of the wifi there) and your partner is working from home, you can access, make changes to, and save document simultaneously. If you don’t have internet access, OneDrive has a “Sync Offline” feature. 

3.   Power BI 

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business intelligence tool. Through Power BI your team will be able to connect with your data, build powerful reports, create meaningful dashboards, and share those across your organization easily. When you’re tapped into Office 365, it makes it all the easier to connect your applications through Power BI. Power BI allows you to create a framework that you can build upon. This won’t be a static tool that is unable to grow with you. 

4.   DocuSign

DocuSign and Microsoft have partnered enabling easy signing for your online documents. No longer will you need to print, sign, and scan. DocuSign is available to all Office 365 users, with some small configuration needed. You’ll be able to select the signature you want and add it to all necessary places. 

5.   Sharable Links

Attaching a file to an email, it’s what we’re used to. It can be a bit cumbersome, however, so Microsoft introduced sharable links that you’ll be able to use with anyone inside or outside of your organization. These files need to be saved on the cloud, each is assigned a unique URL, then you’re able to click “Share +” to copy/paste the sharable link. 

Microsoft’s suite of integrated products allows your organization to streamline essential functions. Meeting today’s complex business challenges and driving business growth has never been easier than through Microsoft’s suite of products, for many companies, this potential is simply not being met. GadellNet can assistorganizations with Office 365 licensing and migrations, SharePoint implementations and support, Azure licensing and consulting, Microsoft Exchange online, cloud services, and Power BI. 

If you’re not tapping into the full suite with your Microsoft O365 licensing, take some time to explore how your company can adopt more of the tools already have access to. Your Account Manager will be able to help you if you’re having trouble. You’ll find incredible opportunities for your team to become more efficient and able to closely collaborate on projects and day-to-day activities. 

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