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Headshot of Vic Sweeting
Team Member

Vic Sweeting

Strategic Consultant, Vic Sweeting joined GadellNet in 2022 as a system engineer and made an impact right away with both […]

Headshot of Danny Commes
Team Member

Danny Commes

Danny Commes joined the GadellNet team in 2022 as a Strategic Consultant. Danny has worked in IT since 2016 with […]

Headshot of Brian Friese
Team Member

Brian Friese

Brian Friese serves as a Strategic IT Consultant at GadellNet and has been on the team since 2021. Brian is […]

Headshot of Jamie Wottowa
Team Member

Jamie Wottowa

Jamie Wottowa serves as GadellNet’s Director of Consulting Services. Jamie has been on the GadellNet team since 2021 and has […]

Headshot of Rion Kolosieke
Team Member

Rion Kolosieke

Rion’s responsibilities as a Strategic Consultant include aligning an organization’s needs and future planning with the everchanging technology landscape. Rion […]

Headshot of Todd Stipetich
Team Member

Todd Stipetich

Todd began working with GadellNet Strategic Services in June 2021. He has worked with clients across multiple industry verticals and […]

Headshot of Cliff Woodward
Team Member

Cliff Woodward

Cliff Woodward joined The CNT Group, acquired by GadellNet Consulting Services, in 2011, bringing with him experience and expertise in […]

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