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Many of our Zero Excuses leaders cite the significance of having a hobby or habit that allows them to separate from their work and decompress.  These pursuits vary greatly but each leader appreciates the importance of stepping away to renew and reconnect. Striking the balance between professional and personal success is the cornerstone of Zero Excuses, after all.  

Here are the ways three Zero Excuses leaders unplug and unwind:  

  1. Sarah Schlafly Connects with Nature 

Sarah Schlafly, founder of Mighty Cricket, uses hiking to connect with nature. On the podcast, she talks about the importance of connection with the outside world. Sarah feels our bodies heal when we spend time in nature and, as a result, we solve problems easier because we can connect the dots. She uses this time to reflect and feel appreciative for what nature provides, reminding her of the importance of the Mighty Cricket mission. Sarah threw out the traditional 8-5 long ago because she believes in working when she works best and relaxing when her mind tells her it’s time to relax. Learn more on Episode 21.  

  1. Mike Pierce Gathers Inspiration from the Arctic  

Mike Pierce calls himself Antarctic Mike. He was in the first group of athletes to compete in a marathon run in Antarctica in 2006. Mike, who lives in the moderate climate of San Diego, could be found training in a commercial freezer. He has drawn inspiration from explorers who adventured to the Arctic over 100 years ago. Reading Shackleton’s Way, Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, started it all for Mike. The book has inspired his personal and professional life, as he explains on Episode 22. One of his big learnings is about letting go and seeing difficulty as an ally and not an enemy. He uses this theme to inspire business leaders across the US and Canada.  

  1. Jason Wuerfel Collects Hobbies  

Jason is a bookworm who is also a collegiate athlete who is also passionate about video games and comic books. His personality naturally tends to bring together opposites and he used this tendency to fuel his career. Jason has started several successful businesses that, at first glance, were not natural fits.  Books & Brews was born from his beer brewing hobby and his love of books. He took up carpentry and built most of the furniture in his stores. He truly believes that community space and bringing people together is incredibly important.  Jason’s love for many pursuits and hobbies makes his stores a safe haven for all. You can learn more on Episode 19.  

If you have been inspired by these business leaders, check out the Zero Excuses podcast for more stories like these.  

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