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Abby Williams, an Account Manager at GadellNet, is also the Chair of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Indiana. When her son was diagnosed with cancer, Abby vowed to commit to helping find the cure for cancer and live life to the fullest — all with a Zero Excuses mindset.

What does Zero Excuses mean to Abby? Listen to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of living life to the fullest
  • Don’t let life happen — make life happen
  • See the good, even if it’s small

Things to Listen For:

  • [00:58] What Zero Excuses means to Abby
  • [01:22] Abby’s life-changing circumstance
  • [02:20] Committing to finding the cure for cancer
  • [03:29] When personal values change
  • [04:29] “I feel a little good.”
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