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Ben Davis is a Strategic Consultant at GadellNet, yet he somehow still finds time to spend two hours every other Saturday donating platelets. 

Some might wonder why he doesn’t sleep in or something more typical of a Saturday morning. For Ben, the answer is simple – is your motivation focused on yourself or on others?

How does a Zero Excuses mentality fit in? Listen to find out. 

Key Takeaways: 

– Is your motivation focused on yourself or on others?

– If there is someone in need, make that your priority.

– If all it costs is time, there’s no reason not to do it. 

Things to listen for: 

[00:28] – Who is Ben Davis?

[02:01] – What does “zero excuses” mean to Ben?

[04:44] – Where does Ben get his passion for giving back?

[07:13] – What are Ben’s personal values? 

After You Listen: 

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